Located in the heart of Coppell, Texas, Mr. Cooper was founded on the idea that mortgage companies should be a resource for their clients and not just another company trying to make as much money off them as possible. With this core value in mind, they provide seamless service from home loan pre-qualification through closing. Their expertise is unmatched, and our team consists of skilled professionals who are ready to provide you with any service you may need.

Borrowers looking for a full-service agency and a wide variety of mortgage opportunities.

Mr. Cooper offers online pre-qualification and full application services where you can provide most of your information in advance. There is no need to visit their office or provide a bulk of your information over the phone. You can start the application process in your own time, and you will be able to see the results before you even have to come in for an appointment to get your loan prequalified.

Mr. Cooper’s mortgage types include: fixed-rate, FHA, VA, and jumbo loans in addition to Reverse Mortgages.

Mr. Cooper’s minimum borrower requirements include $50,000 in verifiable income and a credit score at or above 620. If you meet the above criteria, you will be able to apply for the loan and receive a pre-qualification in a few days at no cost.

Mr. Cooper guides you through the mortgage application process and helps with preparing your documentation. They will also help you find out whether or not your credit is strong enough to get a good loan, understand what kind of payment options are available to you based on your budget, and provide other helpful information as needed. Their process is straightforward, fast, and free. The only thing required of you is a completed application.

Properly assigned taxes and fees are waived by Mr. Cooper, and they guarantee to close within your preferred timeframe. They also offer flexible payment plans to ensure that you won’t have to put off your home purchase no matter what happens with your monthly budget.