In 2020, most business people focused their time, resources, and energy on stabilizing their businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Covid outbreak brought about many changes in the business sector, including the operations, supply process, and provision of services. Many businesses came to a halt, but to some, the demand increased.

Such companies include the textile industry, which was expected to produce masks, the chemical industry to make hand sanitizers, and the medical industry to search for a vaccine. Despite this global challenge, the focus on development and growth for all businesses was unscathed.

Many businesses were able to recover their revenue by 2021, while others opted to move to other markets and sectors to seek better opportunities. With the outbreak came numerous changes that highlighted new business areas that needed to be ventured in. These areas include digital markets that were put to good use during the lockdowns and Covid restrictions to maintain social distance.

Mahmoud Khattab, the CEO and Chairman of Precision M.D., is one of the most renowned businessmen in the business world. Having run an organization that survived the pandemic, he says that it took him a lot of effort and sacrifice to ensure that his organization remained standing.

While in an interview, Mahmoud Khattab was asked about the secret to his success, and he clearly stated that persistence is key. He says that failure is part of the process, and things don’t always go as planned, but with persistence, one can attain their desired goal over time.

Mahmoud Khattab states that having facts and knowledge about the industry one wants to venture in has helped him in his line of business. He states that he knew what to expect with this information and the different ways he would deal with problems in the line of work from his study of how other people in the same field solved theirs.

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