Kevin Seawright is a prominent American businessperson. His current success started when he founded RPS Solutions, a company that mainly helps people acquire and manage their property. Kevin grew up in America and attended American schools, including college. He graduated in 2006 and started working as an employee.

Seawright was impressive in all the tasks he understood, proving that he was the professional every employer needed when looking for employees who had similar qualifications to his. As he gained more experience, Kevin Seawright got a job in the city government offices, where he worked for several years in different positions.

During this time, he gained vast experience in the real estate industry, which he used when starting RPS Solutions in 2015. When starting the firm, Seawright’s main objective was to assist his community in getting affordable houses that could help them have a secure financial future. Kevin’s first assignment was to find qualified professionals that could help him offer the services he wanted.

Kevin Seawright managed to get real estate experts who offer clients the best advice about investing in the industry. They also educate Baltimore residents on the importance of owning homes and their impact on their lives presently and in the future. Kevin is very passionate about homeownership.

One of RPS’s employees is an experienced realtor who guides first-time homebuyers through the entire house buying process. Therefore, he devotes a significant amount of time and resources to educate and guide people who have never owned a house to acquire property. The company also has a professional contractor who ensures that clients get attractive houses at affordable prices.

The experienced team from RPS looks for houses across Baltimore and the neighboring counties. They then refurbish and sell them at affordable prices. That is part of Kevin’s strategy to ensure that a significant percentage of Baltimore residents can afford houses in the county.

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