Joseph Ashford is the founder and owner of K4 Global. It is a renowned marketing firm in London and across the UK. Due to his leadership and management skills, he has brought significant changes to the marketing company. Company culture is one of the critical things he believes in. as such, he ensures that every stakeholder, like employees and investors, is shown the company’s mission and vision. Therefore, when they work, they aim towards a common goal. Such has helped Joseph Ashford succeed in most of the companies he is involved in. Before founding K4 Global, Joseph Ashford worked in different marketing firms, gaining leadership and management skills. Also, he gained essential marketing tactics that he applies in his current companies to make them a success. Holding different positions in these companies also helped him understand the marketing industry as a whole. Therefore, when he launched K4 global, he knew what he was doing and skyrocketed in revenue and margins.


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Besides professional success, Joseph Ashford is a philanthropist. He believes in giving back to society. Therefore, he has taken part in various foundations to help the needy. As such, he created the Butterfly Foundation. Here, he provided donations to those suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, a genetic disorder. Patients suffering from this disease have weak dermis and epidermis due to a lack of vital protein anchor. The first victim he heard of was Mason White. Currently, the foundation is calling upon victims in London to come to the foundation and enjoy benefits such as financial support to deal with the condition.

Joseph Ashford also believes in helping other entrepreneurs and startups. With his experience in marketing and management, he has advised entrepreneurs to take seriously ideal business culture. Such would help them create a strategic plan that would help them prosper in the competitive market.