The world-renowned hawker’s sunglasses company began as a small startup with a budget of only $300. It had many ups and downs when it started. Still, it struggled to become what it is today—giving its customers quality and value in every purchase attributed to its growth. Taking care of needs helped Hawkers ensure they did not supply all their customers’ demands on time.

The customers’ orders started rapidly increasing beyond how fast they could deliver, and they feared they would start losing their loyal clientele. So, they looked and teamed up with an international company that would help in shipping to their clients globally.

In 2016, Hawkers had outgrown its startup states entirely and became a self-financed organization. However, it had additional troubles that emanated from the changes in the fashion industry. So, it sought the help of Alejandro Betancourt, who came in as the president. He has a burning desire to succeed and restore its glory.

Alejandro Betancourt leadership and hard work led it to receive worldwide recognition as an international fashion brand. It’s currently listed among the top ten manufacturers of sunglasses in the industry. The brand sells high-quality sunglasses that are affordable to everyone. Hawkers focus not only on wealthy people. Their sunglasses cost an average price of $20 to $40 for each pair. The affordability of high-end quality sunglasses has ensured the establishment of a loyal clientele base that grows each day, increasing the orders, which leads to prosperity.

Alejandro Betancourt is now the biggest shareholder in this company. He continually invests capital into the business, which has increased its viability in the market. As a majority shareholder, Alejandro Betancourt controls half of the Hawkers’ assets and finances to ensure it goes to the next level.