Since it was founded in 1997, Author Solutions has been known world over to be the leading and perhaps the only firm championing for the rights to publishing for struggling authors. True to its name, the firm has set out a rigorous campaign to help amateur and experienced writers who want to see their various works reach the market.

Even in a highly competitive market, Author Solutions says hitherto, it has assisted over 250,000 authors to publish their close to 300,000 works. Author Solutions goes ahead to say that some of works published courtesy of the firm have been turned into TV talk shows, documentaries, series, movies, and songs.

In order to make it a reality to struggling writers, Author Solutions has invested in a number of high-end software in the market. Thanks to these software and other related infrastructure, some writers whose work would never otherwise see the light of day, are now available in affluent bookstores and online bookshops. As a leader in the sector, Author Solutions offers authors with an array of tools that help them research, write, and finally publish their books. Some of these high-end tools include AuthorCentric.

With this tool, Author Solutions aims at equipping authors with the ability to have full dominion of their work thus shun the loss of the material, theft of the intellectual property right or anything of the sort. Other resources writers enjoy include iUniverse and Author Learning Center, which helps them get up to speed with what is happening in the publishing and academic world.

To help these authors, Author Solutions has hired high-end professionals in the field. Most of those employed in the firm are experience men and women who have worked in the self-publishing sector for many years. Thanks to the staff, with Author Solutions, authors are able to create a rich list of contacts that would be valuable for their future projects. Click here to learn more.


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