Todd Lubar Believes in Making Dreams Come True


If you’re in the real estate market, you have probably heard of Todd Lubar; he is one of the premier mortgage originators in America. What is a mortgage originator? They are individuals who aid borrowers in the completion of mortgage transactions, typically serving as an intermediary for the lender and the prospective homebuyer. In addition to his work in real estate, Todd is well versed in the financial sector; he serves as President of TDL Global Ventures and Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments which allows him the ability to leverage his experience in both industries, to broker loans to outside investors. This type of duality in business has resulted in quicker turnaround times when it comes to selling, buying, or rehabilitating real estate property.


Todd Lubar is a Syracuse University alumnus, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric in 1995. After earning his degree, Lubar began his career with Crestar Mortgage as a loan originator. In 1999, Lubar landed an equity position with Legacy Financial Group, where he helped contribute to the company’s exponential growth in annual loan volume. In 2005, Lubar joined First Magnus Financial’s retail division, Charter funding, where he served as Senior Vice President. His role with Charter Funding would soon lead to the launch of Legendary Properties, which was born from the desire to help others realize their dreams. According to an article in Ideamensch, Legendary Properties is a business predicated on streamlining the loan approval process for those seeking to purchase a home or start a business. Info sourced from


When asked about the rationale behind wanting to help others realize their dreams, Lubar points to a desire to level the playing field when it comes to doling out loans. Lubar states that Legendary Properties’ liquidity, along with his own funds, is aimed at a niche market, which is comprised of borrowers who would not qualify for a traditional loan. Although many would consider this type of lending risky, Lubar believes in taking calculated risks and being a champion for disenfranchised borrowers. Furthermore, he believes that homeownership, and entrepreneurship, are good for the economy.

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