The History Behind the Great Waiakea Water

The beverage industry is more concerned with flavored drinks mainly for refreshments. Bottled water is rarely considered a significant player in the industry, yet it is common knowledge that water is vital for human survival. Nevertheless, not all people downplay the essence of bottled water in the industry.

Ryan Emmons is one person who has attached great importance to the health benefits of bottled water, and is making it big in the industry. Perhaps one would term his initiative as a pure combination of adventure meeting entrepreneurial skills. This is because Ryan came up with an idea that explores nature yet at the same time earns income.

According to Forbes, Emmons launched Waiakea water in 2012, just at the age of 22. With the beverage industry dominated by the old entrepreneurs, mostly people between 50 and above, Emmons’ move was risky to but in the end brought high returns.

The water supplied by Waiakea water is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock from the Waiakea springs. The water is rich in over 110 minerals, and its PH of 8.8 ensures that it has no sour or acidic taste.

The move by Emmons was seen to be both entrepreneurial and at the same time environmentally friendly because it was directed towards giving back to the community. The company has experienced a lot of progress, having grown up to 4,000% since its inception with an annual growth rate of 170%.

Considering the company’s efforts to conserve the environment, it has adapted environmental friendly packaging techniques through acquiring eco-friendly water bottles for packing. Their bottles are made entirely from recycled materials (rPET).

The fact that it takes 85% less energy to manufacture their packaging bottles is just interesting and highly economical. Being energy conservative and at the same time eco-friendly is what makes the company operations outstanding. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

Rounding up their societal obligation, Waiakea water has developed some sense of giving back to the community. For every bottle sold, 650ML of clean water is donated to water starved communities through their charity partners PumpAid. The donations have mainly been directed towards Africa, and over 500 million liters of water have been donated so far.

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