The Best Franchisee of the World is Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes,the Mexican investor of Sushi Itto, won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award for his contributions to the Japanese food chain, an annual competition held in Florence, Italy. Omar entered the franchise business at 21 years of age building his empire to 10 percent of the franchise. His 13 units are located in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz.

Mr. Yunes holds significant control of the food industry through the aggressive marketing of his brand. Motivating his over 400 employees toward the company’s goals, his leadership has created a growing professional network whom have harnessed his enthusiasm toward a centralized business strategy.

Yunes commented, “I feel very proud. I am only the representative, the reality is that this is a prize of the 400 employees of the 13 units that manage and the brand that has allowed us to innovate.”

The Best Franchisee of the World is attended by representatives from dozens of countries from all over the globe. Evaluating each franchisee based on their network and not their brand, Omar Yunes stood out for his contributions to the franchising model which includes knowledge, acumen, and influence.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto views the Best Franchisee of the World as a “…manifestation of the joint effort to offer our customers excellent service, a remarkable flavor and unique hospitality.”

Yunes also came in first in Mexico’s national qualifier. His recognition on an international level speaks of the growing franchise industry in his home country, and his role in contributing to that.

Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) is a global competition which recognizes the contributions franchisees like Omar Yunes have on their brand. The objective being to honor the collaboration and leadership of all those nominated individuals.

This year, that honor goes to Mexico’s Omar Yunes. His strong commitment to success has brought attention to both his brand, Sushi Itto, and his homeland which up until now, has been known for their more regional brands. The first version of the BFW Mexico brought together a total of 34 franchisees from various cities and regions of the country.

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