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All About OSI Industries

OSI Group is a private owned holding company of meat processors. OSI Industries was founded in 1909. The company’s headquarters is located in Aurora IL. OSI Industries products include but are not limited to pizza, fish, vegetables, hot dogs and meat patties. OSI Industries is a very successful company, it has a revenue of 6.1 billion dollars.

OSI Industries’ Employee Overview

The Chief Executive Office of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. The President of the company is David McDonald. Kevin Scott is the Executive Vice President and Sherry DeMeulenaere is the Senior Vice President of the company. In all, OSI Industries have a total of 20,000 employees. This company also has 50 different organizations in seven-teen different countries! Forbes has named OSI Industries the 58 largest private owned company.

Looking to Expand

Recently, David McDonald, the President of OSI Industries informed the public that the company was looking for different ways to grow. McDonald thought of an excellent idea to bring diversity to their products, which resulted to in increase of sales. The company has added organic foods to the list of products they produce. With this plan, the company expects to grown and maintain business in the 16 other countries where their organizations are located. It is evident that in today’s world more consumers are striving to eat healthy, OSI Industries are using their best efforts to bring healthy affordable food into the market. In addition, OSI Industries will always be a popular company because they have a standard state of the art method to provide quality food. OSI Group ensures that the quality of their food will remain great and safe to eat. To guarantee this they use modern technology when processing the food.

OSI is a Well-rounded Company

Even though OSI is a very large company, they still manage to give back to those in need. OSI Industries has a very positive relationship with the Ronald McDonald House. They have also managed to maintain a positive relationship with many more popular charities like Feeding America. OSI Industries have been increasing their sales and quality of products that they produce, while doing so they have also been helping people in need, which is a great sign for humility.

In conclusion, OSI Industries is a great company! They are defiantly on their way to the top!

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