Singer Enrique Iglesias involved in drone accident at concert

Pop star Enrique Iglesias was left bloodied and in need of stitches when an incident with a drone at a concert in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday. Despite the injury that fans claimed left the first rows of fans at the concert covered in blood the Spanish singer continued with his performance after receiving a hasty medical patch up during a short break following the incident. CNN reports that the exact details of the accident have yet to be released, but the singer was later flown to Los Angeles to have the injury dealt with by a specialist.

The concert in Tijuana was held in front of 12,000 fans and the drone is thought to have been part of the show produced by Iglesias. After reportedly slicing open a finger the Hero singer had his bleeding finger bandaged and continued with the show as here fused to let down the thousands of fans at the show. During the show Iglesias also drew a heart on his white t-shirt in his own blood as he battled through the remainder of his performance. The management team of Iglesias later thanked fans for their support and stated he should make a full recovery from the injury. Those at Amen Clinics are glad to hear that.

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