Who is Clay Siegall and What are His Achievements in The Healthcare Industry

Medical professionals play a very important role in the society. They ensure that we are free from diseases, in order to lead a quality life. Each and every day, they strive to make new developments in the industry, trying to solve the common health issues that affect our societies today. One of the most notable leaders in the healthcare industry is Clay Siegall.


Clay Siegall is trained scientist with a special interest in cancer therapies. The award-winning biotechnology expert is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. The primary focus of the company is to focus on bettering their patients. Clay Siegall talked to Ideamensch telling them on what led to him being interested in co-founding Seattle Genetics. He talked of how he watched his father die slowly, from cancer, and the limited oncological resources could not help him. Therefore, he was determined to pursue a career where he would help in improving the tools, hoping that someone else’s life might be saved.


Therefore, when Clay Siegall went to University of Maryland, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Zoology. And, to sharpen his knowledge in the biotechnology field, he furthered his education in George Washington University, graduating with a doctorate in Genetics. Clay Siegall told Ideamensch that nothing gives him more joy than to wake up every day knowing that he influences the lives of others in a positive way. His aim is to ensure that tomorrow, there will even be better tools to treat Cancer.


Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked for National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. He has worked for the company since the year 1988 to the year 1997. He also worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and was with the company for a period of 6 years.


Other than being in the leadership team of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is an author. He has published more than 70 articles. Also, he holds more than 20 patents




Jennifer Walden: Woman Secures the Number One Spot in an Industry Dominated by Men

Everything is bigger in Texas, including medicine. Some of the greatest physicians in the industry reside and practice in Texas. However, the greatest doctors are not limited to general practice or emergency medicine, but are instead even found in the cosmetic surgery field. When searching for the best cosmetic surgeons in Texas, though, a few common themes were discovered.


The Central Texas Institute of Plastic Surgery was easily discovered, but the most common keywords were Dallas, Austin, and the names of male plastic surgeons. It is no secret that certain fields are dominated by men, and major Texas cities were bound to pop-up in the search engine. While men like Denton Watumull, Rob Rohrich, and Ronald Friedman trumped the list, there was only one doctor at the top of all of the lists, however. That doctor is Jennifer Walden, MD, PLLC.


Fathered by a dentist and mothered by a surgical nurse, Jennifer Walden was destined to be a medical legend. Born in Austin, Texas, Walden lead a prosperous life that carried over to her academic career. Often being the top of her class, Walden graduated high school and went on to succeed at college where she ultimately graduated as salutatorian of her class. She then began her medical career by working at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


Jennifer Walden now dominates the plastic surgery industry in Austin, Texas. “Embrace your Inner Goddess” is her motto; Her hands are her tools. The mother of twin boys has earned countless awards within her field, and has gone to heights that few women have been able to reach.


A member of the board of directors on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Walden is one of the handful of women who have ever earned a chair. Responsible for transforming hundreds of people throughout her career, Walden has no intention of resting from the job she loves and has thrived at.


It is conclusive that men dominate the list of plastic surgeons found not only in Texas, but in the world. However, only one doctor has secured the number one spot, and that doctor is Jennifer Walden. Her success is inspirational to all women. There is no doubt that Dr. Walden will continue to make great strides within the industry and within her personal life.

Read more about Jennifer Walden:



Dr. Weisfogel Wants Sleep Apnea Patients To Get The Help They Need

Individuals with undiagnosed sleep apnea frequently wake up during the night, leading to daytime sleepiness; however, research shows a connection between sleep apnea and serious medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease as well. Up to 80 percent of the people with sleep apnea are undiagnosed, but Dr. Avi Weisfogel of Dental Sleep Masters want to change this statistic.


Ever since he graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry and started practicing dentistry, Weisfogel was interested in sleep medicine. He enjoyed fitting patients with oral appliances that kept their airways open during the night as it made a significant impact on the quality of their lives, nevertheless, he had difficulty finding oral appliance patients. Even though Weisfogel had experience developing successful marketing strategies before, he could not generate the number of sleep medicine patients that he wanted.


After establishing Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012, Weisfogel created the Dental Sleep Masters program, which provides training and business models for dentists and physicians to start treating sleep patients. As Weisfogel told ideamensch, sleep medicine and marketing were his passions, so developing the Dental Sleep Masters program was a natural move for him.


At Dental Sleep Masters in Old Bridge, NJ, Weisfogel plans his day out, scheduling each task that he has to do. In his ideamensch interview, Avi Weisfogel said that he comes in to work at six, devoting an hour to prayer and then spending an hour with his life coach before tackling the meeting, calls and other tasks in a typical workday. He admits that he wished he had entered the sleep medicine business earlier; nevertheless, his past mistakes led Weisfogel to his current success.



Brad Reifler Helps People Through Investing

There are many people who have financial goals. They work hard in life and there are things that they want to accomplish. Some of the things that they want to accomplish involve setting financial goals. Some of the goals they want to set are specific to their life.

They may want to purchase a home, purchase a car, pay for their child’s education, or some other goal. The goals maybe different from person to person, but many people have goals.

Regarding financial goals, one of the ways that many people try to achieve financial goals is by making wise investments. There are many types of investments and many ways that people can invest. In many cases, the type of investments and the way that people invest relate to the financial goals that they may have at that time. Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-reifler-6411b58

When people approach investing as a way of achieving financial goals, many people approach with caution because they understand that there is a level of risk in all investments. The investment field is a large and complex field that requires people to have a lot of knowledge and experience that relates to investing and making investment decisions.

For the average investor who has specific financial goals that they want to accomplish, the best way that they can go about making investment decisions is to ask for help from an investment professional.

Once connected with an investment professional, investors can get investment information that is specific to their goals and particular situation. This is a foundation for making an investment plan that can accomplish the desired goals. Brad Reifler is a well known CEO in the investment industry that helps many people to achieve their financial goals.

Brad Reifler is a top CEO in the investment industry who has taken the investment firm that he manages to great success over the past few years. Brad Reifler has been able to do this because he has a great knack for making outstanding investment decisions. Brad Reifler is an executive who runs investment firms from different perspectives depending on the goals set for the firm.

Sawyer Howitt, Business Prodigy

Sawyer Howitt, although very young in age, is certainly wise beyond his years. He stays physically active by playing on a racquetball team and he also loves to exercise his mind by concentrating on his school work, showing great interest in the subject of business. Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur and is currently employed at his father’s business, the Meriwether Group, as project manager.

The Meriwether Group thrives in assisting entrepreneurs and executives with growing their respective businesses. They are more than happy to work with tiny start-up companies, as well as handle the entire needs of a large, well established corporation. The Meriwether Group provides customized services designed to fit the uniqueness of every company.

They can help boost revenue and ramp-up company growth by carefully reviewing and tweaking a company’s business strategies. Remaining open minded about your company’s brand and ideas, the Meriwether Group excels in locating the right consumers for your product and will show you how to implement strategic marketing strategies for your business.

The Meriwether Group offers a variety of accelerator services. They can assist with licensing by offering the correct licensing strategy that will improve sales, as well as your bottom line contribution. Meriwether excels in the retail market and also has extensive experience in kiosk, catalogs, online, and pop-up shops. They can assist with sourcing and manufacturing as well. They can help minimize air freight costs and can offer advice with product costing and product delivery timing.

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A Trial Of WEN by CHAZ For A Woman With Fine Hair

Emily McClure decided to try out WEN Hair conditioner, on her hair. If you have not heard of this product, it is a 5 in 1 treatment for hair. It replaces shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioners, and leave in treatments, into one bottle.

She wrote about it on Bustle.Com. You can read it for yourself by going to this link. https://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened”

Emily used the product for seven days, wrote about the results and provided pictures of before and after shots of her hair. She likes the products, but did notice that her hair felt more greasy than usually at the end of the day, meaning she has to wash her hair every day in the morning, which she is not used to. Emily mentions that the product recommends using quite a bit each day, which she is also not used to doing. She did receive a lot of compliments on how shiny her hair appears to be now.

WEN is designed to make your hair less frizzy, and define your curls, making it more bouncy. It has more moisturizers in it to make your hair more manageable. That being said, as Emily mentioned: it is recommended to use 10-16 pumps of product for short hair, which she has. My thoughts are, being that I also have shorter, fine hair, that she not use quite so much, and the greasy feeling she is getting may go away, however it could be that she is just not used to product and does not understand the benefit it is doing for her hair. I guess it is just for each individual to decide.

WEN by Chaz is made in California, and is available by mail order only, with a new shipment every 12 weeks, by going to their website at https://www.wen.com/cart?lang=default&grcid=core&uci=US-CD-O-PS-BR-MA-XXXX-096960&gclid=CNG2r6Tdq9MCFdabgQodvn8CWg&gclsrc=ds.

You can also get Wen via eBay.com or Guthy-Renker.com.

Other link: http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html

Honey Birdette Luxury Lingerie

Honey Bridgette a Australian lingerie brand launched its US ecommerce site. A entrepreneur named Eloise Monaghan founded the company in 2006. The reason behind this US e-commerce site is an increase in US sales, in th last 12 months. Honey Bridgette has faster delivery and a easier return policy for U.S. customers.
The first Honey Bridgette store opened outside of Australia. The brand revealed 10 more stores opening in th UK. Honey Bridgette plans to target another 10 by this next year. Honey Bridgette currently has 55 stores already.
The Honey Bridette brand was created over champagne. Honey Bridgette has detailed high end lingerie to spice up the bed room and make women feel sexy and comfortable. The boutiques are flirty and playful. You can also find a pleasure parlor blissfully to beyond the sky. Luxurious massage candles, cuffs, collars to get frisky and a bespoke accessories. Make things hotter with The Honeys playing the lead role of the Honey Birdette experience. Honeys want to empower women and entertain them.
Honey Birdette develops a new collection of lace all the way up the the S&M collection. All designs in house at the Honey Birdette headquarters. They have too if the line sexy luxurious lingerie. With all kinds of styles that your side to love. Honey Birdette has a easy to use e-commerce web site with great offers and deals and sales. With so much to feel sexy snd cofideng give Honey Birdette try offering a bonus sign up offer when you sign up.

Getting the Most out of SEO Targeting



Keywords are undoubtedly the most important element in SEO strategy and search engine marketing campaign.


SEOs way of using keywords to get higher ranking in the SERP has changed drastically since search engines have evolved to offer the best. Some sites still use old-school (black-hat) seen when reviewing titles and Meta descriptions.


Keyword stuffing was used to trick search engines to rank regardless if it made sense or not,leading to unreliable search results.


These recommendations will help you prevent stuffing and other mistakes


  • Concentrate on your target audience.
  • Mention your keyword in the page title and main headline.
  • Always have a meta description.
  • Use keyword at least two or three times in the content.
  • Implement your keywords in your images.
  • Don’t go overuse the keyword.


Targeting keywords


1) Doing Keyword Research Right


Use Google Trends Explore tool because its insights are simplified interest over time, regional interest and similar searches.


2) List Keywords and Categorize Them


Split your list into categories, name them after the search intent. Each page should serve a particular purpose.


3) Make Keywords Real Titles and Headlines


Highlight the intent you are solving with the keyword in the title tag and main headline of your site.


4) Use Synonyms of Your Search Term


Search engines will understand keyword variations as long as the intent remains unchanged.

Keywords and queries are different. Keywords are specific terms used in a search box and are different depending on the words used and their arrangement. A search query is a question made to a search engine to solve an intent and does not depend on how the words are spelled or organized.


Why Use Search Queries?


It is becoming harder to trick search engines. Penalty algorithms like Google Panda filter and ban low-quality and non-compliant websites Search engines can now detect synonyms, variants, word definitions, and connect them. Search engines know the relations between the search terms that people use and the intention behind it.


About White Shark Media


White Shark Media is one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in North America. Their reputation is due to engineering cost-effective search marketing campaigns while providing a world-class customer experience. Once a boutique agency, it has assisted several small businesses across North America develop by using their online marketing techniques and proprietary marketing tools.


White Shark Media is known to set high standards, and through their marketing blog, marketers can learn a lot. White Shark Media, Google AdWords Premier Partner and Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner have been partners since 2014. White Shark Media is listed by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. The company is building its 6,000 square meter state-of-the-art office to accommodate the explosive growth better.



Jeanmarie Guenot – Steering Amphivena Therapeutics Inc In The Right Direction Through Visionary Leadership

Jeanmarie Guenot is the perfect combination of business expertise and scientific excellence, having done Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School of Business and her Ph.D. from the University of California. She currently leads one of the most prominent biotech firms in the field of cancer therapies and hematologic malignancies, Amphivena Therapuetics Inc, where Jeanmarie serves as the CEO and the President of the company.

Jeanmarie started her career as the team leader and principal scientists at Hoffman-La Roche, where she worked for six years, after which she moved to joining Atlas Ventures. Jeanmarie worked at Atlas Ventures for another three years, between 2000 to 2003, before moving to PDL BioPharma, where she was named the Vice President of Corporate and Business Development. According to amphivena.com, Jeanmarie worked at PDL BioPharma for the next five years, and helped the firm with mergers and acquisitions, alliance management, client management, scientific collaborations and research and development, before starting her business consultancy firm named Guenot, LLC in 2008.

In 2009, Jeanmarie Guenot also founded SKS Ocular, LLC, which researched on drug delivery techniques and finding effective therapies for glaucoma, ocular inflammation, and macular degeneration. Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, where Jeanmarie is currently working, is a firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. As one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in the country, it aims to research and find more efficient oncology therapies and help patients suffering from terminal diseases, including blood cancer. Amphivena Therapeutics Inc at https://www.takeda.com/news/2017/20170111_7659.html aims to help the patients through the treatments that would improve the strength of the immune system to fight cancer cells and tumors.

Under the visionary leadership of Jeanmarie Guenot, Amphivena Therapeutics Inc was able to sign a trade agreement with Janssen Biotech Inc, which helped Amphivena Therapeutics get the funds required to further their research. Jeanmarie, for her excellent performance and streams of achievements throughout her career, has been featured in numerous media publications and networks, including Business Wire and Marketwired.

Guenot continues to play an active role in helping Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, become a global name in the field of cancer therapies and finding a cure for hematologic malignancies.

Mr. Jason Halpern and JMH Development

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Mr. Jason Halpern is one of the principal partners of JMH Development Company. The company has experience in the development of commercial properties across the United States of America. Also, JMH Company is a pioneer in the development of well positioned and unique properties in the desirable marketplaces such as Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. One of the projects that was developed by JHM Company includes the adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara, which is a historic structure. By being a family business, JMH invested more than 500 million dollars in the projects of the New York State. Most of these projects include converting of the warehouse to luxury apartments and development of 184 Kent.

Jason Halpern at Aloft As one of the co-founders of JMH Development, Jason Halpern has experience in juggling the many projects that they invested in Miami and New York. In 2007, Jason Halpern helped his company to complete the development of the Aloft South Beach, which is located in Miami. Jason Halpern always has good visions for JMH Development Company. He recently manages to strike a deal with the Rock point Group and Kushner Companies. The deal was to convert the warehouse for the Wild Turkey bourbon into condos. In the first round of the project, JMH managed to convert the warehouse into 338 rental units. The remaining round was for the Kushner Companies to complete.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and RichardMoreover, Jason made an effort to ensure that his company teamed up with the Madison Estates in the buying of the Brooklyn Heights Cinemas, from where they built luxury condos. As a business person, Jason Halpern has ensured that the professional team of JMH Company is good in every aspect of the construction and development process across hospitality, residential, and the mixed segment of property development. Members of the professional team can combine valuable expertise, development skills, and unique marketplace knowledge.