Jim Tananbaum Promotes Healthcare Innovations

With offices in both San Francisco and New York City, Foresite Capital is able to do business with people who are all around the country. The capital firm, which helps to make things better for the healthcare industry, has done what they can to make investments in healthcare innovations that they know are going to work.

Whether they are investing in medical devices, biotechnology or anything else that is related to healthcare, Foresite Capital is able to do what they can to make things better with the options that they have available to the providers that they work with. Foresite Capital has venture capital opportunities available in the healthcare industry and they do what they can with innovative technologies so that they can help people get the exact options that they need to continue with their healthcare operations and so that they can make even more advances than what they have in the past. It is something that has been able to truly set the company apart from other venture capital companies.

The founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum, have a lot of experience in both business and the healthcare industry. With an extensive educational lineup of places like MIT, Harvard and Yale, Jim Tananbaum knows what he is doing. He is very intelligent and has learned the best way to perfectly combine the healthcare industry with the business industry so that he can use his talents for everything that other people need to be able to have with healthcare. You can visit LinkedIn for more details.

Before Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum created several other companies. The majority of these were related to business but they provided people with the options that they needed to do different things in the healthcare industry. It was something that he was confident in and something that he wanted to be able to help people with. He always knew that he could do more with what was available to him in the healthcare and business industries. Foresite is a culmination of all of the dfferent experiences that he has had in both business industries and healthcare industries that he has worked with. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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Goettl Air Conditioning is Community Minded in a Good Way

In 1939, the Goettl brothers started an air conditioning company in the desert Southwest. Today Goettl has locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. They service those major population areas with heating and air conditioning sales, installation, service, replacement and maintenance.


Recently when Michael Gamst, the manager at the Las Vegas Goettl office learned that a resident was doing without a working heating and air conditioning system and no workable toilet, he took things into his hands.


Gamst and a few of his worker showed up at the house with a new heating and air conditioning system and a brand new working toilet. The family had two teenage daughters, and everyone was very grateful for the new heating and air conditioning and the new toilet.

The mother said that this gesture from Goettl had renewed her faith in people and that there are still caring people who are willing to lend a hand.


Goettle is very community minded, as over the past several decades they have dealt with generations of families. People already know about the excellent service that Goettl provides as there are many grandfathers who remember the same excellent company they knew when they were younger.


A service that many customers take advantage of is the Goettle Maintenance Program. For only $12 per month, a member receives discounts on units, service, and parts. They also get a 5-year warranty on parts and a 2-year warranty on labor. There is a 48-hour emergency service where a technician is guaranteed to be at the customer’s door within 48 hours of a call. There is also an annual checkup on a customer’s heating and air conditioning units to be sure that everything is working properly.


Goettl is concerned about taking care of people and that has been their motto right from the beginning of the company. Without that concern, Goettl would not have grown to their current size.


Goettl Air Conditioning’s success restored

To some people, a dying business is a no go zone, but to others it is a challenge worth taking and solving it. Entrepreneurs have been known as risk takers and strategists. This is what Ken Goodrich saw and did. A move that saved the historic air conditioning business, Goettl, which was started back in 1939. Goodrich has been in the air conditioning business since he was a young boy, where he was exposed to it when his father was working in the same industry. At the age of 25, Ken took over leadership of the family business after the death of his father.


Although Goodrich has vast experience in handling HVAC problems and needs, buying Gottle posed a bigger challenge to him. Not seeing the challenge as a stumbling block, Ken went ahead and bought the company with only one goal; restoring the company’s success and retaining it. With his usual skills of turning around failing businesses, he prioritized customer satisfaction. He also encouraged community activities and charitable works, which within no time had changed the people’s perception of the firm.


Since Goodrich took over the company, it has expanded in capital as well as its geographical coverage. The firm now has offices in Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California and has experienced a growth rate of more than 500 percent since 2013. With new air conditioning units, Goettl is able to keep its customers happy while still getting the best services. Even with stiff competition, Ken’s strategy still worked, and now Goettl is up and running with millions being generated every year.


Goettle was started back in 1939 when Gust and Adam Goettl developed the first evaporative cooler and refrigerated air conditioner to help survive the severe desert conditions. Since then, the company has experienced technological changes over the years. Just as the level of technology is changing, so is the technicality in terms of human skill. Today, Goettle is known for highly qualified employees, as well as extensive experience in the field of air conditioning.


To all the residential and commercial buildings, Goettl offers premium services at an affordable rate. The firm’s priority is meeting the needs of the customers before thinking of how much money it will make out of the deal. If you are looking for quality, an honest team and highly specialized engineers look no more; enjoy good technical services combined with good customer care at very affordable rates.





Lime Crime’s Newest Hair Dye Is What You’ve Wanted

Lime Crime’s latest new addition to the brand is taking over the hair community. Their Unicorn Hair Dye is going to change the way we all try to enjoy dying our hair. This brand is going to improve the quality of hair dye because of the unique ingredients it provides. More than three years in the making, Doe Deere the creator of Lime Crime founded this new idea and spent a lot of time trying to better design this hair dye lineup. Made out of vegan ingredients, it does not have a single amount of ammonia or bleach, making it extra healthy for the hair.


They come in two different types of options; full coverage and tint formulas. Both are beautiful and capable of giving you everything that you need. The tints can last for more than 8-10 washes and the full coverage can last for about 10-12 Wales. Every single jar is only $16, which is beyond affordable and everything you could ever want in a hair dye. The brand is one of the best in the business because of how well they are crafting new colors and new designs. This brand is going to give you everything you need for a new set of hair colors.


Lime Crime has been in business since 2008. It started off as a small store selling DIY items for fashion on eBay, and then in 2008 became an actual store and provided women with the unique makeup that they sell now. The brand is known for creating unique colors and providing women with bright new options that other brands never go for. With their vegan and cruelty-free items, this brand knows how to come up with unique ideas. This brand can give you everything you have always wanted in the world of hair dye products.


The next thing they have planned is to continue their designs and hopefully come up with new hair dye shades. Doe Deere is loving how well the company is receiving immense respect for the new hair dye. Grab a new hair dye from the brand and stand out starting today.

Felipe Montoro Jens, Infrastructure Expert

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist. He received his Bachelor degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and subsequently earned his Masters degree from the Thunderbird, The American Garvin School of International Management (USA).

Felipe has said that the Brazilian government wants to increase its responsibility to citizens by investing in infrastructure projects. They will begin creating concessions for public companies who decide to fund these projects to improve residential life. Felipe Montoro Jens is well aware that just because a corporation invests in infrastructure does not mean they will use the concessions wisely. Felipe stated in an interview that the goals and practices of the corporation must be in line with the project at hand. There must be checks in place to ensure the funds are utilized properly and efficiently. He commends the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) on their role in decreasing waste within Brazil. There needs to be a consistent effort by such prestigious companies so that the financial and economic outlook will improve.

Felipe Montoro Jens has held many high-level positions in both the private and public sphere. He has overseen the building and management of dams, water irrigation systems, and industrial plastic resins. Of the water irrigation system, and possible improvements, Jens has voiced his professional opinion that the lack of water is the main cause of funding for infrastructure projects by public companies. His expertise in the realms of finance and infrastructure have become a valuable asset to the country of Brazil.


Who is Clay Siegall and What are His Achievements in The Healthcare Industry

Medical professionals play a very important role in the society. They ensure that we are free from diseases, in order to lead a quality life. Each and every day, they strive to make new developments in the industry, trying to solve the common health issues that affect our societies today. One of the most notable leaders in the healthcare industry is Clay Siegall.


Clay Siegall is trained scientist with a special interest in cancer therapies. The award-winning biotechnology expert is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. The primary focus of the company is to focus on bettering their patients. Clay Siegall talked to Ideamensch telling them on what led to him being interested in co-founding Seattle Genetics. He talked of how he watched his father die slowly, from cancer, and the limited oncological resources could not help him. Therefore, he was determined to pursue a career where he would help in improving the tools, hoping that someone else’s life might be saved.


Therefore, when Clay Siegall went to University of Maryland, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Zoology. And, to sharpen his knowledge in the biotechnology field, he furthered his education in George Washington University, graduating with a doctorate in Genetics. Clay Siegall told Ideamensch that nothing gives him more joy than to wake up every day knowing that he influences the lives of others in a positive way. His aim is to ensure that tomorrow, there will even be better tools to treat Cancer.


Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked for National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. He has worked for the company since the year 1988 to the year 1997. He also worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and was with the company for a period of 6 years.


Other than being in the leadership team of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is an author. He has published more than 70 articles. Also, he holds more than 20 patents




Jennifer Walden: Woman Secures the Number One Spot in an Industry Dominated by Men

Everything is bigger in Texas, including medicine. Some of the greatest physicians in the industry reside and practice in Texas. However, the greatest doctors are not limited to general practice or emergency medicine, but are instead even found in the cosmetic surgery field. When searching for the best cosmetic surgeons in Texas, though, a few common themes were discovered.


The Central Texas Institute of Plastic Surgery was easily discovered, but the most common keywords were Dallas, Austin, and the names of male plastic surgeons. It is no secret that certain fields are dominated by men, and major Texas cities were bound to pop-up in the search engine. While men like Denton Watumull, Rob Rohrich, and Ronald Friedman trumped the list, there was only one doctor at the top of all of the lists, however. That doctor is Jennifer Walden, MD, PLLC.


Fathered by a dentist and mothered by a surgical nurse, Jennifer Walden was destined to be a medical legend. Born in Austin, Texas, Walden lead a prosperous life that carried over to her academic career. Often being the top of her class, Walden graduated high school and went on to succeed at college where she ultimately graduated as salutatorian of her class. She then began her medical career by working at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


Jennifer Walden now dominates the plastic surgery industry in Austin, Texas. “Embrace your Inner Goddess” is her motto; Her hands are her tools. The mother of twin boys has earned countless awards within her field, and has gone to heights that few women have been able to reach.


A member of the board of directors on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Walden is one of the handful of women who have ever earned a chair. Responsible for transforming hundreds of people throughout her career, Walden has no intention of resting from the job she loves and has thrived at.


It is conclusive that men dominate the list of plastic surgeons found not only in Texas, but in the world. However, only one doctor has secured the number one spot, and that doctor is Jennifer Walden. Her success is inspirational to all women. There is no doubt that Dr. Walden will continue to make great strides within the industry and within her personal life.

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Dr. Weisfogel Wants Sleep Apnea Patients To Get The Help They Need

Individuals with undiagnosed sleep apnea frequently wake up during the night, leading to daytime sleepiness; however, research shows a connection between sleep apnea and serious medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease as well. Up to 80 percent of the people with sleep apnea are undiagnosed, but Dr. Avi Weisfogel of Dental Sleep Masters want to change this statistic.


Ever since he graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry and started practicing dentistry, Weisfogel was interested in sleep medicine. He enjoyed fitting patients with oral appliances that kept their airways open during the night as it made a significant impact on the quality of their lives, nevertheless, he had difficulty finding oral appliance patients. Even though Weisfogel had experience developing successful marketing strategies before, he could not generate the number of sleep medicine patients that he wanted.


After establishing Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012, Weisfogel created the Dental Sleep Masters program, which provides training and business models for dentists and physicians to start treating sleep patients. As Weisfogel told ideamensch, sleep medicine and marketing were his passions, so developing the Dental Sleep Masters program was a natural move for him.


At Dental Sleep Masters in Old Bridge, NJ, Weisfogel plans his day out, scheduling each task that he has to do. In his ideamensch interview, Avi Weisfogel said that he comes in to work at six, devoting an hour to prayer and then spending an hour with his life coach before tackling the meeting, calls and other tasks in a typical workday. He admits that he wished he had entered the sleep medicine business earlier; nevertheless, his past mistakes led Weisfogel to his current success.



Brad Reifler Helps People Through Investing

There are many people who have financial goals. They work hard in life and there are things that they want to accomplish. Some of the things that they want to accomplish involve setting financial goals. Some of the goals they want to set are specific to their life.

They may want to purchase a home, purchase a car, pay for their child’s education, or some other goal. The goals maybe different from person to person, but many people have goals.

Regarding financial goals, one of the ways that many people try to achieve financial goals is by making wise investments. There are many types of investments and many ways that people can invest. In many cases, the type of investments and the way that people invest relate to the financial goals that they may have at that time. Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-reifler-6411b58

When people approach investing as a way of achieving financial goals, many people approach with caution because they understand that there is a level of risk in all investments. The investment field is a large and complex field that requires people to have a lot of knowledge and experience that relates to investing and making investment decisions.

For the average investor who has specific financial goals that they want to accomplish, the best way that they can go about making investment decisions is to ask for help from an investment professional.

Once connected with an investment professional, investors can get investment information that is specific to their goals and particular situation. This is a foundation for making an investment plan that can accomplish the desired goals. Brad Reifler is a well known CEO in the investment industry that helps many people to achieve their financial goals.

Brad Reifler is a top CEO in the investment industry who has taken the investment firm that he manages to great success over the past few years. Brad Reifler has been able to do this because he has a great knack for making outstanding investment decisions. Brad Reifler is an executive who runs investment firms from different perspectives depending on the goals set for the firm.

Sawyer Howitt, Business Prodigy

Sawyer Howitt, although very young in age, is certainly wise beyond his years. He stays physically active by playing on a racquetball team and he also loves to exercise his mind by concentrating on his school work, showing great interest in the subject of business. Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur and is currently employed at his father’s business, the Meriwether Group, as project manager.

The Meriwether Group thrives in assisting entrepreneurs and executives with growing their respective businesses. They are more than happy to work with tiny start-up companies, as well as handle the entire needs of a large, well established corporation. The Meriwether Group provides customized services designed to fit the uniqueness of every company.

They can help boost revenue and ramp-up company growth by carefully reviewing and tweaking a company’s business strategies. Remaining open minded about your company’s brand and ideas, the Meriwether Group excels in locating the right consumers for your product and will show you how to implement strategic marketing strategies for your business.

The Meriwether Group offers a variety of accelerator services. They can assist with licensing by offering the correct licensing strategy that will improve sales, as well as your bottom line contribution. Meriwether excels in the retail market and also has extensive experience in kiosk, catalogs, online, and pop-up shops. They can assist with sourcing and manufacturing as well. They can help minimize air freight costs and can offer advice with product costing and product delivery timing.

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