NuoDB SQL Reliable Database Services

NuoDB was first established in 2008 by Jim Starkey and Barry S. Morris. The company is founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and mainly provide database services to its clients. NuoDB technology is versatile and mostly used by Alfa systems, UAE Exchange, Kodiak and Dessault Systems.

The company was initially called NimbusDB but later changed its name to NuoDB in 2011. The company introduced and patented elastically scalable cloud database in 2012, and as a result, the NuoDB received $12 million in venture capital.

NuoDB was first listed in 2013 as a key player in operational database management that include SQL database. The company further announced an extension to its Dassault systems in series B funding in 2014. This helped NuoDB to collect an additional funding of $14.2 million. Several other partners that participated in the funding include; Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Morgenthaler Ventures, and Longworth Venture Partners.

NuoDB database is adaptable to SQL database and supports several cloud applications. NuoDB technology has a distributed architecture of objects that enable it to integrate with the cloud. The technology also supports modern SQL databases for modern data centers. Finally, NuoDB elastic SQL database integrates continuous cloud availability and elastic scale to meet the required durability and consistency in most record databases.

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