Machine Gun Kelly Will Host WWE Raw

Machine Gun Kelly is one of the hottest new rappers of the last few years, and he has earned quite a following among hip hop fans. However, Machine Gun Kelly happens to be a fan of the WWE. At WrestleMania 28, Machine Gun Kelly performed several of his hit songs at the grandest stage of them all. On a recent episode of WWE Raw, John Cena invited Machine Gun Kelly back to the show, and it seems that Machine Gun Kelly has accepted Cena’s invitation.

Machine Gun Kelly will appear on the next episode of WWE Raw, and many fans such as Adam Sender are extremely excited to see MGK host the wrestling event according to the Observer. Some people feel that Machine Gun Kelly will actually wrestle during his WWE appearance, but it should be noted that Machine Gun Kelly is not a very athletic man. However, having MGK appear on the television show will give some credibility to the product. MGK is an adult artist, and some people have felt that the WWE has turned into a children’s product over the year.

WhatCulture┬árecently posted an article that features further details about the WWE’s plans for Machine Gun Kelly. The WWE has lost some steam over the last couple of months, and its most likely because of the passing of Wrestlemania 31. The WWE has earned millions of dollars over the last couple of years thanks to the company’s new WWE Network, but the network has not been perfected just yet.

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