Logan Stout’s IDLife Teams Up With Garmin

About IDLife

IDLife is a health and wellness company specializing in the development of personalized nutritional supplements. It devotes to creating original dietary supplements that feature the best ingredients. IDLife emphasizes the quality and purity of its products, an unmatched dedication in the nutritional industry.

Every of IDLife’s recommendation and products is based on science-backed research and studies. That gives IDLife and all its customers a clarity and confidence in knowing that all its products and recommendations are based on truth. IDLife offers customized guidance tailored to your health factors and personal goals. Again, the firm embraces the uniqueness of every situation and strives to meet its clients’ specific health needs.

IDLife has recently announced that it will team-up with Garmin, a pioneer in the development of high-quality GPS devices to create wearable fitness equipment. IDLife has recently added an option to its site to allow customers to purchase a Garmin Vivo fitness tracker, a system designed to sync with IDLife’s IDWellness app. When connected with the device, IDWellness app will allow customers to calculate their nutritional needs and track their exercise. Again, it improves access to health care.

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Garmin and IDLife share the belief that health is not just about nutrition. Together, they have developed a holistic approach to help customers achieve their overall health goals. Garmin is the pioneer of the world’s first Index Smart Scale, which is used in measuring body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, water percentage, body mass index, and other useful metrics. When you look at all these metrics, you gain more insight on your health than when you look at weight and BMI alone. Garmin also has several devices used for measuring pulse and walking. They come in different sizes and styles to fit every person comfortably.

When you purchase a Vivo tracker through IDLife’s website, you start streamlining your measurements using the IDWellness app. The tracker collects information about various metrics and sends it to the IDWellness app. That ensures users have access to accurate information throughout. While it measures activity metrics, you have to key in your meals manually.

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