Lime Crime Does it Again – Bringing Back Polly Pocket Classic Style

I love a brand that isn’t afraid to be bold. Hence, that’s why I am one of many Lime Crime lovers that has been described as “cult like” by many. Lime Crime’s line of makeup and beauty products are absolutely fabulous and totally safe for vegans.

Lime Crime has a saying – they don’t release a product that their team isn’t absolutely crazy about and they know fans will be crazy about too. Their latest release has definitely done just that.

Lime Crime just dropped the coolest eyeshadow palette I’ve ever seen: a five pieces palette that looks exactly like our beloved 1990s Polly Pockets!! If you don’t know what a Polly Pocket is, stop reading and Google it immediately. You’ll find some of the most adorable children’s toys you’ve ever seen. Polly Pockets are an entire little world for Polly all inside an adorable bright plastic case. As my favorite 1990s movie It Takes Two would describe my love for these new Lime Crime palettes, it is a “can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kinda love.”

As cool as these little guys are, I’m honestly never surprised when Lime Crime drops a new product at how immediately obsessed I am with whatever they’ve recently released. I’ve been a user of their lipsticks forever and as they continually expand their offerings it seems that each product is cooler than the last. Their lipsticks are some of the smoothest, softest and best made I’ve ever used.

While I don’t dabble in the hair products they offer due to my boss’s strict hair color policy, their offerings of fun and bright colors like purples and blues are absolutely amazing.

Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere, is quite the entrepreneur. Her brand is an absolute reflection of her and she openly admits she was genuinely surprised at how many women the bright and bold colors resonated with. It turns out that women everywhere were desperate for a way to express their style with makeup that was actually of great quality and didn’t look like something you would buy at a Halloween store.

Check out Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes on their website or at any Sephora location – rolling out mid September!


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