Image Recognition Technology Explained

Image recognition is a technology that makes it possible to detect patterns on a digital photo. This means the software pinpoints certain characteristics in an image, sends them to a database where they are compared with other pictures. When most of the points match, the system knows what the input image is.

Computers connected to external device that captures images such as a camera can detect the exact image through this software. Recognizing means extracting data and information and processing it through codes and algorithms. Image recognition involves various processes that recognizes, identifies and detects the image. What is notable in this discussion is the wide array of methods for recognizing shapes for various applications. The tools uses lines, ridges and edges to extract features of an image. Corners, blobs and other features are also given consideration here. After detecting these features, they are compared with example pictures. In essence, there is a schematic of the information flowing from source to destination.

Image recognition technology has various uses not only for recognizing images of objects but faces of people in law enforcement agencies and government authorities as well. This facial recognition technology is used for purposes like user access verification, face identification as well as security. Other examples of where this technology can be used include reading bar codes, scanning product images and verifying image tags with the use of apps on smartphones.

Image processing basically works on the principle of detection. The information from the source is a signal which is hidden from a whole cluster of irrelevant data. The theory calls the data noise. The task is to relay the signal through this noise and detect the output. The appropriate information is obtained after searching through the database and comparing each of the elements with the original data. Overall, the time and resource needed to extract the right output depend on the amount of noise inside this data cluster. Nevertheless, image recognition is a technology that is starting to evolve for good. Major retailers are finding it useful and urging customers to use it.

Slyce Inc is a leading provider of image recognition software/tools to major retailers across Canada and the US. Based in Toronto, this company trades publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange market. The company has an excellent team of professionals for image recognition technology that helps clients identify products sent by customers through images.

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