Equities First Holdings Issues 3.5 Million Angle Plc Shares to Investor Andrew Newland

Equities First Holdings is among the companies that lend money to clients who cannot get loans from banks. The company’s clients include wealthy investors like Edi Truell and Rob Terry. EFH also lends money to businesses that are experiencing a financial meltdown. In exchange, clients offer their company’s shares as collateral. EFH succeeds in helping borrowers in securing loans due to its lending policies.The firm only returns shares to those who complete paying their loans. Just recently, Andrew Newland, who loaned cash from EFH by offering his Angle Plc shares as collateral, completed paying his loan. Newland borrowed €2 million from EFH, and in exchange, he handed over his Angle Plc shares valued at 3.5 million as collateral. EFH adhered to their lending policies by returning Angle Plc shares back to Newland.

About Equities First Holdings

EFH excels in shareholder finance globally. The company has branches in London, Bangkok, and Hong Kong among other cities. As EFH’s founder and president, Al Christy, Jr., ensures that the company succeeds in offering liquidity at affordable rates against shares (publicly traded ones) to business ventures, company executives, and all rich investors. Since its establishment in 2002, the company grows by over 50 percent yearly.In 2014, EFH acquired a UK-based financial company known as Meridian Equities Partners Limited. After the acquisition, EFH renamed the company to Equities First (London) Limited. The acquisition aims at expanding EFH’s international finance services.

Christy said that the acquisition would also expand his company to offer the best liquidity opportunities. He also stated that EFH is continually investing in its operations.Clients can find EFH’s head office in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm also partners with internationally acclaimed investment banks, custodian banks, and law firms located within and outside the US. EFH’s lending transactions based on securities usually apply to clients who need prompt funding. EFH’s lending processes are simple to follow for they help customers in accessing liquidity quickly and at cost-effective rates. Since Christy founded the company, it has processed more than 700 loan requests for wealthy investors, business ventures, and company executives.

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