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Liberal Thor Halvorssen Brings Human Rghts Activism To The World

Communities around the weorld can face issues with their human rights being takjen away from them, but those who are trapped in closed societies and dictatorships have a new champion in Thor Halvorssen.

The rise of Thor Halvorssen may seem as though it ocurred overnight, but the Venezuelan film producer has been working hard since his adolescence to make his way to the top of the human rights activism community; now at the top of the activism community Thor Halvorssen works hard in liberal causes to maintain a position that has made him a regular at TEDTalks events.

Thor Halvorssen has spent much of his time developing and promoting the Oslo Freedom Forum that has proven a success for activists and their potential supporters. Despite the growth in popularity of both the Oslo Freedom forum and the Human Rights Foundation Halvorssen founded in 2005 his dedication to retaining a non political stance on human rights has never wavered, major donors from Google and PayPal provide funding for Halvorssen and his staff who look around the world for financial assistance.

Halvorssen has gone so far as to reject major donations from those potential backers who have looked to interfere with the work of the Human Rights Foundation, including those who looked to choose which political prisoners were assisted by the foundation.

Thor Halvorssen has always had an interest in the cause of protecting human rights across the globe, including the first steps he took into activism when he looked to fight slavery laws in China. Halvorssen is always on the look out for ways of getting across evidence of human rights abuses to a new audience no matter what political leaning the media used has. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

In the world of human rights activism Thor Halvorssen is known for looking to bring abuses to the attention of the public no matter how they occur.

The award-winning film producer has made sure the payments accepted for performances and appearances by stars such as Jennifer Lopez and 50 Cent are acknowledged in the mainstream media; Halvorssen has become famous as the activist who brought human rights issues to the attention of diverse audiences such as that of DJ Howard Stern.