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Bruce Bent II’s Business Advice to Others

As a successful financial company CEO and someone who has been working in business for many years, Bruce Bent II has been able to bring a lot of success to different areas and to help people with the options that they have. He has done more with the experiences that he has and that has given him a chance to try new things. He always does what he can to help his clients and to people who are trying to have financial success. This often means that he gives away valuable advice for free so that people can get more out of it and so that they can enjoy everything that there is to offer in the financial world. By doing this, he has allowed himself the chance to try more and to do more with the options that he has.

Bruce Bent II always makes sure that he listens to his gut. He does everything by intuition and, if it doesn’t feel right, he doesn’t do it. There are many things that he has backed out of because of his intuition and because of the way that he feels about things. Bruce Bent II wants other people to know that they should trust their instincts and not do something if it doesn’t feel right. Before he became extremely successful, there were many things that he did even though he thought they were bad ideas. Most of the time, these ended up being bad choices in the industry.

As a successful entrepreneur, Bruce Bent II also wants people to know things that they can do to protect their finances. One of the things that he has done to protect his own is created his own food. He has invested in chickens as well as other things that he can grow on his own. By doing this, he saves a lot of money on food. The low cost of growing and raising your own food often outweighs the fact that you don’t have to go to the grocery store all of the time to get things that you might need to use.

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Cancer Treatment Centres of America; Focussing on Improving Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centres of America, also referred to as CTCA, consists of five hospitals that tend to patients that are ailing from cancer in America. CTCA has its head office in the city of Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, Florida. The national -for-profit organization was founded in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson after his dissatisfaction with cancer treatment options for his ailing cancer mother.

CTCA is inventing a custom technical solution which shall provide Eviti an access to Allscripts’ Sunrise Electronic Health, EHR, workflow records. Eviti is NantHealth’s clinical support option. CTCA is carrying out this project in conjunction with Allscripts and NantHealth to fruition. This Clinical Pathways project shall be used to aid the process of treating cancer without interfering with the workflow of the physician through fluid integration. NantOS, the clinical operating system of the direct interface, was created with the assistance of numerous oncology specialists and has a large collection of data for the evolving cancer care.

George Daneke Jr., the Chief Medical Officer of CTCA, states that Clinical Pathways was created to rid probably guessing by physicians that are not up to date with oncology nor new research data. He also adds that they have made a broad range of treatment options for their patients to select from. Clinical Pathways merges the latest cancer research, therapies, and treatments inside Allscripts Sunrise EHR, which in turn helps the physician to provide appropriate care to the patient.

The platform provides options such as custom treatment regimens, treatment cost comparisons, average treatment cost, clinical history data, computerized entry, real-time function, and much more to ensure the patient gets the appropriate care they deserve. The project idea came about at the beginning of 2016 in a bid to help the providers as well as patients to benefit from the project’s efficiency. All three of these companies are top-flight players in their focus areas. That is why this is seen as such a powerful alliance which has raised hopes and expectations of better cancer care.

Bruce Bent II as a Successful in financial investor

Talking of successful entrepreneurs, you cannot fail to mention Bruce. He is an experienced and respected investor for the great achievement he has made in the investment industry. He has overseen the innovation of short-term management assets, money and cash related solutions to broker-dealer, trade markets, qualified plans, and banks. Bruce Bent II has more than 60 patents for his products, which has brought a great revolution in the industry. Through his leadership, the FDIC-insured cash management has transformed into an enormous industry with more than $1 trillion transactions.

At Double Rock Corporation

Bruce is currently the CEO, vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation from 1991 to date. Double Rock Corporation is one of the leading financial technology companies. The enterprise provides financial services products in tailored with the latest technology. Mr. Bruce is in charge of overseeing all the company’s operations and is a senior executive to all corporate subsidiaries of that firm. He is tasked with the responsibility of establishing business and organizational goals for the aggressive growth of the company.

His Consulting Career

Besides his role at Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is also the owner and founder of B2 Consulting LLC. In the company, he serves as a consultant, advisor and occasional investor in startups in various industries. Due to his experience acquired in the financial services (close to 20 years), he is highly sought-after. Bruce has built a good reputation in the financial and consulting industry. This has earned a position to the panelist to many mutual funds and other financial services patent.

Additional Responsibilities

Bruce boasts of being a member of the Young President’s Organization. This is a peer network that connects over 10,000 young business leaders across the world. He serves as a mentor to influence and help young business professionals establish their business and launch their ideas.
Bruce has also served as a chairman to Gotham chapter Manhattan; he was also a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization in New York. Additionally, Bruce served as the president of the advisory council Scenic Hudson. This was an environmental organization and a land trust that its primary objective was to preserve, conserve, and rehabilitate the Hudson River and its riverfront back as a public and natural resource.

Honey Birdette Luxury Lingerie

Honey Bridgette a Australian lingerie brand launched its US ecommerce site. A entrepreneur named Eloise Monaghan founded the company in 2006. The reason behind this US e-commerce site is an increase in US sales, in th last 12 months. Honey Bridgette has faster delivery and a easier return policy for U.S. customers.
The first Honey Bridgette store opened outside of Australia. The brand revealed 10 more stores opening in th UK. Honey Bridgette plans to target another 10 by this next year. Honey Bridgette currently has 55 stores already.
The Honey Bridette brand was created over champagne. Honey Bridgette has detailed high end lingerie to spice up the bed room and make women feel sexy and comfortable. The boutiques are flirty and playful. You can also find a pleasure parlor blissfully to beyond the sky. Luxurious massage candles, cuffs, collars to get frisky and a bespoke accessories. Make things hotter with The Honeys playing the lead role of the Honey Birdette experience. Honeys want to empower women and entertain them.
Honey Birdette develops a new collection of lace all the way up the the S&M collection. All designs in house at the Honey Birdette headquarters. They have too if the line sexy luxurious lingerie. With all kinds of styles that your side to love. Honey Birdette has a easy to use e-commerce web site with great offers and deals and sales. With so much to feel sexy snd cofideng give Honey Birdette try offering a bonus sign up offer when you sign up.

Court Issues Restraining Order Against Laidlaw and its Principles

Laidlaw & Company is a popular full service brokerage and investment banking firm that offers its clients personalized investment advice and skillful execution. The company serves private and public institutions. High net worth individual investors also receive important services from the company.

Laidlaw & Company has earned the respect of many for providing wealth management and investment banking services to the United Kingdom and the United States. Some of the investment banking services from the company includes raising capital through the placement of equities with high net worth retail investors and organizations, acquisition and financing, placement of debt and the mezzanine capital with investors, arrangement of national exchange listings and initial public offerings.

The company has been successful in its projects since it was started. However, in December last year, Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical stage company announced that it had decided to file a law suit against the investment banking and Brokerage Company. Two principles of the company, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner were also involved in the lawsuit. The lawsuit was presented at the Nevada District Court.

Laidlaw and Company had served as the brokerage and investment banker for Relmada Therapeutics in the recent past. Relmada Therapeutics requested the brokerage company to help it in raising capital. This decision exposed some confidential information from Relmada Therapeutics. Several months later, Laidlaw announced that they had decided to take effective control over the clinical stage firm. This decision did not go well with the institution, and they decided to take the matter to court.

According to the management at Relmada Therapeutics, Laidlaw and its principles breached their contract when they leaked important and confidential information from the institution. According to them, this was breach of contract, and they are now demanding for monetary compensation from the brokerage firm. The court issued a restraining order against Laidlaw and its principles.

How Adam Sender Went From Hedge Fund Manager to Art Dealer

It isn’t all too common for a popular and successful hedge fund manager to jump shit and take a shot dealing in Contemporary art. The art world eats up and spits out buyers and sellers on a regular basis, and if you deal in the high end market, you could be one purchase away from wiping out all your savings. Adam Sender is definitely not the average art buyer or dealer, as a matter of fact, he is more widely known for the profitable hedge fund that he managed. This story is not any you have heard in recent years.

Adam Sender was making money for just about everyone who would listen. His hedge fund was very successful, and clients were enjoying the enormous growth by taking money off the table and investing some back for future growth. Adam was taking profits however and looking to try his hand at something that had a slightly bigger return. Anyone who has ever dealt in the art industry knows that this is an extremely risky business, you could lose everything with one poor decision. Sender was convinced he could make serious money and decided to try the waters. Check out this article by ArtNews on Adam Sender.

One thing that happened that changed the course of Sender’s life was he saw how expensive it was to buy masterpieces. Famous artists like Warhol were fetching millions of dollars pr painting, an investment that just screamed trouble. It could take decades to squeeze out a small profit here, something just didn’t appeal to Sender so he changed course. He was not going to be deterred by the high price of Contemporary art, so he began looking at some masterpieces by artists a little further down the ladder. These works were spectacular, just not mainstream like the well-known artists.

So Sender began investing in these lesser-known artists, realizing he could score beautiful pieces for $100,000 a piece in most cases, usually never more than $200,000. That left a huge amount of room for profit if the market were to go on a huge upward turn. Sender continued to search and buy these paintings, deciding in 2006 that he needed to confirm his theory and sell of a few of the pieces. Sender then auctioned 40 pieces and walked away with $20 million dollars, he knew he was on to something.

Since that sale, Sender has amassed a huge collection of great pieces by 139 artists, which stands at 400 total pieces. Now that the hedge fund has run its course, Sender is looking to get out of the art business too and have Sotheby’s sell off his collection over the next 18 months. Once completely sold, Sender is projected to walk away from the business with $70 million dollars.

Beyonce and Jay’s song “Drunk in Love” Potentially Used Woman’s Vocals

Popstars, Beyonce and Jay Z are being sued for their song “Drunk in Love.” A Hungarian singer is making allegations they used her voice from her song, “Bajba, Bajba Pelem.” The current lawsuit is asking for monetary compensation for damages and to prevent anyone from listening to the song.

Listening to the song, it is difficult to find the part that was apparently stolen. The songs do not sound alike at all. Furthermore, the song from the Hungarian singer cannot be found online. It is often that other singers who are not famous, to argue famous songs are not original. Singers usually are not the ones to produce songs. Singers rely on producers and songwriters to create songs for them. Songs that turn out to be similar could be just mere coincidences. If a singer released a song that never got popular, how can they argue it got stolen. It is highly unlikely an American such as Christian Brode or any singer would be listening to a Hungarian singer’s music.  If indeed Popstars, Beyonce and Jay Z used this woman’s vocals, then she should be compensated for it. In the scenario, it is just a coincidence, nothing should be done.