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The Lung Institute’s innovative use of Stem Cell Therapy

Instead of using inhalers, derived medicines or steroids, The Lung Institute is using our body’s own stem cells to proactively treat lung diseases. These diseases include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, chronic bronchitis, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Imagine that instead of introducing foreign medicines that contain chemical compounds into your body for the treatment of a lung disease, your body’s own cells are introduced. This is where Stem Cells have a part to play. Stem cells are “undifferentiated” cells that can transform their functioning capacity to different parts of the body. Adult stem cells are harvested from the patient’s blood or bone marrow and the returned to the patient’s body through intravenous method. The bone marrow treatment is considered to be the preferable treatment, as opposed to harvesting Stem Cells from the blood stream. The reason is that bone marrow has a greater volume of Stem Cells than blood. This leads to greater success with the treatments and a more noticeable improvement in the patient’s quality of living.

Think of the use of Stem Cells to treat lung disease as “targeted” therapy. The reason for this is what is known as “The Pulmonary Trap.” Researchers at The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have found through their studies that when Stem Cells are introduced into the bloodstream, they pass through the heart and go straight to the lungs where they become “trapped”, as opposed to being distributed throughout the rest of the patient’s body. This is good news for someone being treated for a lung disease with stem cells.

In an era when we are constantly seeing new medications and drugs (and subsequent lawsuits linked to their use) being developed – I contend that using the cells from our own body to heal ourselves is “innovative”, and merits a close look for anyone suffering from one of the debilitating lung diseases above. The Lung Institute offers two-day outpatient procedures, with a follow-up at 2 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months. Patients who received stem cell therapy at the Lung Institute are also sharing their stories, read it on

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The Lung Institute is Using Stem Cells to Rapidly Change the Way People Handle Lung Disease

The lungs are a vital part of the body. They process the oxygen that the body carries into the bloodstream. Those that suffer from chronic lung disease often have difficulty breathing. They may get easily tired by engaging in relatively simple daily activities. COPD, asthma and pulmonary fibrosis can be hard to manage. Many people simply don’t have the energy to seek treatments that are only temporary. reveals that the good thing is that stem cell research may soon change these issues for the entire population. Some institutions like The Lung Institute are already helping to save people’s lives by remedying the root cause of the ailments. All of the aforementioned diseases are caused by damaged lung tissue.

The Lung Institute has facilities in Tampa, Arizona and Texas. They have helped many patients recover completely from their diseases. This is because stem cell therapy actually repairs the cells. Drugs are often administered with the intention of killing off infections or remedying pain. Stem cell research addresses the root cause of these diseases. Emphysema is naturally caused by activities like smoking. Quitting smoking after the lungs have been damaged will not repair the tissue that has already been damaged. Stem cell therapy uses juvenile cells. These are taken from the patient’s own bone marrow. They are then redistributed into the body. The intention is to allow them to replicate areas of tissue that have been damaged. The Lung Institute has many testimonials on its website that talk about how well the treatment has worked.

Life Styles After50 says that stem cell therapy is guaranteed to be a form of medicine that drastically improves the population’s quality of life. Families will feel relieved. Patients will rest easy. There is a difference between constantly performing upkeep on a disease and permanently knowing that a disease has been cured.

The Lung Institute attributes its high success rate to the team of talented people that it works with. COPD patients ( seem to be the most ecstatic about this emerging form of treatment. The treatment process takes only a few days. It is an outpatient procedure. The Lung Institute has proven that stem cell treatment is fast, safe and effective. For more information, visit