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A Different Type of Jewelry

Everyone has their favorite jewelry store. Whether it is JustFab, Target, or Charming Charlie, they have the jewelry that makes you feel comfortable and chic. JustFab, in particular, is a popular choice.

The latterly mentioned store is online, and sells more than simply jewelry. However, their jewelry selection is pretty cool, and has a selection that could rival Target’s. That’s a hard thing to do, mind you.

While JustFab is just as they advertise, they do not have succulent jewelry. In this sense, succulent is not an adjective; it is the plants.

That’s right. Plant jewelry. This jewelry is sold almost exclusively through an Etsy store owner named Passionflower Made. The store itself is called Passionflower Living Jewelry. The idea behind this kind of jewelry is actually kind of cool.

It all started when an Ann Arbor, Michigan, woman was asked by a friend to help with her wedding flowers. Her name is Susan McLeary, and that was the moment she knew that she wanted to work with flowers. However, she also loves jewelry. Behold, a store and an art was born.

McLeary grows succulent plants – like cacti. She will trim the roots of her succulents and use a plant-safe floral glue to attach them to a brass base piece of jewelry. The pieces only last between one week and six weeks, most averaging three weeks. At that point, the succulents are sprouting again. When this happens, the succulents can be gently peeled off the jewelry and planted in the backyard. (After taking the succulents off the jewelry, McLeary suggests sanding the jewelry so that all the adhesive comes off).

She offers four different ways to include succulents in an outfit: a cuff bracelet, a statement necklace, a ring, or a boutonniere. The prices vary depending on how many succulents are on a piece. However, for such a striking contrast to traditional jewelry for a high profile event, it’s worth the price.

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