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It’s almost the end of April, which means summer is just around the corner. Even though you still have a little time, warm weather will be here before you know it, so now is the time to start prepping your fun-in-the-sun wardrobe.

Eccentric Separates
The combination of color with prints on, along with extensive ornate comes together to produce of the most exciting trends for the upcoming summer season. Eccentric separates such as bold prints and bursts of color make a simple outfit stunning.

Say Hello to ’90s Dresses
The slinky dresses of the ’90s have made their way back this season. They are feminine without being overly sexy, and they look super chic when paired with an oversize knit

Ruffles Galore
Be prepared to see ruffles everywhere this season. From delicate and frilly to over-the-top ruffles, designers have made them a staple for their ready-to-wear collections

Off-the-Shoulder Tops
Also making a huge comeback on Facebook just in time for warmer temperatures are over-the-shoulder tops, dresses and peekaboo sleeves. Donning one of these is an excellent way to show that you’re sophisticated yet sexy at the same time.

If you short on time, but big on ambition, JustFab can help you make your shopping dreams come true. This online shopping giant has everything you need to reach your fashion goals. With an exclusive membership, you’re privy to major discounts from all of your favorite designers. In addition, their in-house designs are backed by A-listers such Kimora Lee Simmons.

Founded in 2004 by Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler, JustFab has gone from an e-commerce startup to a globally known online shopping mecca. In only a few short years, JustFab now has built a customer base that exceeds 3.5 million people. Noted for their dedication to customer satisfaction, JustFab’s continues to make every customer their top priority. Recently valued at $1 billion, JustFab is just that-just fab. 

AI & Visual Search Technology Makes Shopping and Searching Possible by Use of Images

Slyce is to a software company that specializes in selling of software applications on which are related to recognition and visual search technology. It started in 2012 and originally located in Calgary, Alberta. However, the founders moved it to Toronto, Canada. Cameron Chell and Erika Rocicot co-founded Slyce through Business Instincts, a business consulting firm. Other offices were later set up in Nova Scotia, Calgary and New Waterford. There is also a Slyce office in Minneapolis in the United States.

The large part of the Sylce’s products and services is made up of visual recognition software and technology. The visual recognition software was first launched by Sylce in 2013. Sylce is currently traded publicly on TSX Venture Exchange. This company recently acquired BuyCode, a mobile app development company. Sylce also owns Hovr and Drivetrain Agency.

There have been lots of changes in the Web for the last 20 years. However, the use of the text boxes has remained constant. Entering of texts into pixelated oblongs has remained a major issue on how we interact with the mobile apps and websites.

The introduction of image recognition software is today being used to challenge the use of text boxes. Online footwear retailer and Social network Pinterest are currently testing on new methods to browse and search by use of images. Both of these companies use a technique known as deep learning which recently made it possible for humans to be matched with software for the purpose of image recognition.

Slyce’s new visual search tool enables one to draw a box around anything which is seen in an image to enable you to visually identify similar items. There are some items which were first summoned by visual search that come together with buy buttons already attached, a feature which was recently introduced by Pinterest in the summer. All the users of the company’s mobile apps and website will this week witness the introduction of the image search function. This system is capable of understanding images by drawing the text individuals have attached to photos which are shared on the device. Previously, most companies have tried using image-search technology to make shopping easier.