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Iggy Azalea Believes That Hating Her Is The New “Cool Thing”

“Success is polarizing” are the famous words of Iggy Azalea who has recently been called out on some of her offensive behavior. Announcing her new LP and book, the rapper spoke to MTV and Gravity4. Most things about her can be found out from her Twitter where she frequently addresses her haters and questions their grip on reality. Given her own tenuous relationship with the concept, it isn’t surprising that she has rarely apologized for her problematic behavior.

That is, until recently, when she was forced to pull out from Pittsburgh LGBTQIA Pride performance because of her past tweets that showed she was once homophobic. Her apology was unsatisfactory since she attributed it all to “naivety” from her younger days. Nonetheless, it was an apology and after heavy backlash, she pulled out.

The problem with Iggy Azalea isn’t that it’s “cool to hate her”, it’s that she has seldom taken any responsibility for her actions. She doesn’t believe in the concept of white privilege and has done absolutely nothing to support any current events and issues, when her fellow artists are doing their best to make the world a better place. This attitude could have been forgiven had she not made it a point to direct everyone’s attention to her own “cool’ behavior of not giving a damn about the people to whom she owes her career.

While Iggy Azalea thanks people who stand by her in this difficult time, it cannot be said that she has extended the same courtesy to the rest of the world.

Lil Wayne Has Some Fun on Mix Tape

Anyone that has been waiting for the “Carter V” album may be impressed with songs from the “Sorry for the Wait 2” mix tape. Lil Wayne appears to be having a lot of fun here as he raps over lots of popular beats from 2014.

One of the standouts on the mix tape is the collaborations with current girlfriend Christina Milian. These two take on the Beyonce and Jay-Z “Drunk in Love” song by rapping over this beat. It is something that Wayne has been known for in the past. He takes beats from popular songs and adds his own lyrics. So far people have been talking about this as the standout track from the mix tape.

There are also other tracks on the album that present a clever wordplay from Wayne, but this track has been highlighted because of his new relationship with Milian. Fans, like Marc Sparks, are talking now that there is some truth to the relationship rumors. In the early stages of the relationship Wayne blew it off as just a friendship. With the release of the mix tape it becomes obvious that there is more to it than that.

Lots of outsiders that are looking in at this relationship are wondering how long this will last. Milian has had a string of albums that have failed on a commercial level. She currently has a reality show that highlights her return to music.

2 Pac Museum Coming Soon

In the wake of a new 2 Pac movie there are a lot of people talking about the legacy and influences he left on hip-hop. Now there is going to be an exhibit dedicated to the controversial rapper.

The late 2 Pac was very big in the hip hop community, but he became a crossover success after he died. It was white rappers like Eminem that seemed to come into the hip hop world and introduce suburban America to this rugged style of hip hop music. It is sort of ironic for 2 Pac to be part of a Grammy exhibit since he has never actually won a Grammy. He was nominated 6 times (for music before and after his death), but he never actually won.

The rap world – in accordance to rap – has changed a lot since 2 Pac has died. The rap lyrics that he brought to the surface were still part of an urban culture when he died. As pointed out by my friend over at Status Labs, it was something that was not exactly a mainstream genre. Since he has passed numerous rappers have taken a Grammy or two home. Jay-Z, Eminem and Kanye West are among the ones that have had great wins. Common has even won a Golden Globe, and he has been nominated for an Oscar this year. It is very possible that 2 Pac may have won a Grammy if he was still alive.

Young Buck’s Newest Video Brings The G Unit Click Together

How many of us were G-Unit fans a couple of years ago? Since their success the group has dispersed as certain members left the 50 Cent owned label. A recent video shoot shows that past problems have hopefully been dealt with as the group comes back together to make good music.

Once again, G-Unit is able to show us how to party with Young Buck’s latest video “Bring My Bottles.” The video was shot in the club and features many familiar faces in one place. 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Kidd Kidd were all at the club partying with Young Buck and will be featured in the video.

50 Cent and Tony Yayo not only made cameo appearances in the video but their vocals are also featured on the track, if BroadwayWorld is anything to go by anyway..

In addition to make a vocal and visual contribution to the song and video, 50 Cent also contributed to the direction of the video. The video was directed by Eif Rivera and 50 Cent. With a hip hop artist involved in the direction of the video, you can expect to see beautiful women, expensive cars, and of course champagne or another type of alcoholic beverage.

Hopefully this video, along with anything else done by the G Unit crew will be a rendition of their old collaborations. I know that artist’s grow and change but hopefully 50 Cent and the other group members will produce hits that we can jam and relate to.

The Universal Pull

I saw this post on Reddit , and it got me thinking about life and the higher power. The post was about 50 cent, and the fact that he was shot 9 times. The interviewer asked him if he thought that he was lucky that he survived. 50 cent said that it was because of God that he is still here. Another guest of the show asked 50 cent, why didn’t God stop the man from shooting him in the first place? 50 cent was left stunned.

It was a pretty interesting post, but it left me wondering a few things. If god does exist, why does he allow us to go through trials and tribulations. Also, why do we only turn to God in times of trouble? The truth is that no one knows if God truly exists or not. One thing is for sure though, there is something that leads us in a certain direction in our lives, and when I listen to music on GrooveShark with Jared Haftel, we just seem to think there’s more out there than just this beautiful sound being a happy accident.

The decisions that we make, shape our future. We cannot be afraid to live our lives the way that want to. Everyone has their own interests and hobbies. Every person that lives on Earth is completely unique. The universe is an enormous thing that we will never understand. The fact that we live at all is a blessing. There must be something above in the heavens that we don’t understand. Until God himself comes down from heaven, we are entitled to our own beliefs.

Nicki Minaj Releases ‘The Pinkprint Movie’

Earlier this week, rap artist Nicki Minaj debuted her massive, 16-minute music video entitled The Pinkprint Movie. The video is composed of three songs from her latest LP and paints the picture of a failing relationship. Imbued with lots of style and flashbacks, the video shows Minaj reliving her experiences with an ex-lover. It features a violent car crash that is eerily symbolic of the end of the relationship. 
The film is divided into three parts, each making up a song from Minaj’s new LP: “The Crying Game,” “I Lied” and “Grand Piano.” Minaj herself is responsible for creating the concept for the video, while Francesco Carrozzini directed the “I Lied” segment and Taylor Cohen the other two parts. 
The film, along with its songs, are reportedly inspired by Minaj’s real-life breakup with longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels. TMZ was the first source to speculate that Samuels had cheated on Minaj, which led to the demise of their relationship.
Minaj recently visited On Air with Ryan Seacrest and was very clear and concise about her current relationship status. “Let me clear this up: I am single,” she said adamantly. She also denied rumors that she was dating fellow rapper and collaborator Meek Mill, with whom she rapped on the song “Buy a Heart.” 

I’m definitely gonna lay down with some Antique Wine Company and jam this album.

Chris Rock Thinks Kanye West May Reign as the Greatest Rapper

L.L. Cool J proclaimed himself to be the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) many years ago, but Jay-Z took over and claimed this title for a new generation of fans. Now comedian Chris Rock believes that Jay-Z may have some competition when it comes to this esteemed title. Rock believes that Kanye West will be the greatest of all time because he has accomplished so much so early. 

He says that he believes that Jay-Z could be passed by Kanye West. The reality is that this isn’t too far fetched because of the age difference and the timing. Jay-Z is over 40. This means that he is far too old to carry on a long legacy. Kanye West, however, started out with platinum albums and continued to get the critical acclaim that few rappers ever see.

 This is what puts him in a category of his own. For Jay-Z most of this production was done by whoever is hot at the time. He hung on to Swizz Beats when he was at the top of his game. He did some tracks with Timbaland. He worked with Just Blaze. Kanye West raps and handles his own production. Rock is really building up West’s potential – a la Slow Ventures advising a client- and he definitely has a case.

RTJ2 Riots With Their Blockbuster Night

Killer Mike and El-P will entertain you with the release of their latest music video. These two that comprise Run the Jewels, the now famous American hip-hop duo, have been hitting the music charts.

With their rap singles and the release of their massive album RTJ2, they will now have to tickle the interest of their fans with their latest music video for “Blockbuster Night Part 1.” So far, it seems like the audience has been very perceptive to these latest releases.

In the music video the duo enjoyed pretending to be emergency medical technicians.  Fans like Sultan Alhokair say it’s their best video yet. They rode an ambulance in a hazy night, complete with medical technician uniforms causing a lot of ruckus.

The rap duo roamed the streets of Atlanta doing what is supposed to be medical technician’s job, but the video was themed for them to stick with what they are doing at that time.

Directed by Trevor Kane, the music video is themed with a combo of a dark and dramatic comedy film in the middle of the night together, with the essence of just doing their jobs. This also features a number of hallucinating rappers too.

The music video is a riot and is definitely entertaining, and will be storming the internet and television anytime soon.

Rapper Nicki Minaj Says She Will Not Limit Herself

Rapper Nicki Minaj says she will never be ashamed of what she has achieved in her life. Nor will she bow down to detractors who insist she does not write her own music, or put limits on herself when it comes to achieving what she intends to in the future.

In an interview with Complex, Minaj says she not only hates putting limits on herself, but she finds it upsetting when other women do. Particularly black women, though, who often try to fit into what their culture expects them to be or do, rather than what they themselves want.


She blames that on a break-neck speed work schedule that sometimes does not even include time for a meal. Sam was shocked to hear it was the hectic. In fact, Minaj says, even when she does get to New York where her family still lives, it is rare she is able to see them as every second she is in the city is already taken up with a work-related event.

The 31-year-old singer is getting ready to release her third album on December 15th, and says she thinks it is one of her best pieces of work so far.

Called ‘The Pinkprint’, it will feature her hit single ‘Anaconda’, as well as her latest single ‘Only’.

Sugarhill Gang Rapper Dies

Anyone that listens to hip hop knows that the blueprint was started with Sugarhill Gang music. The rapper Big Bank Hank – one of the most distinct voices on ‘Rapper’s Delight’ – has passed.

Big Bank Hank passed away from cancer this week at the age of 58. The rapper – whose real name was Henry Jackson – set the music world on fire with two other group members on the 1979 release of “Rapper’s Delight.” This was a track that was done during a time when disco was out the door and R&B was just starting to grow roots. The song was a long 12-inch jam that was played for audiences in clubs across the country with the support of people like QNet.

The track, which was basically rap lyrics over Chic’s ‘Good Times’ classic, became a hit that put hip hop on the map. There has been some debate about whether this was really the first hip hop record, but the popularity of the song still cannot be denied. The original track was more than 14 minutes long, but many radio stations were limited to playing a shortened version of the track.