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Who Rocketship Education Is, What They Value, and How They Achieve Success

Public schools haven’t always been considered top-notch, community-leading, or educationally-effective educational institutions. However, Rocketship Education has brought change to this formerly-true stereotype in its ten years of existence. The public charter school is well-known for integrating technology in its classrooms, starting students’ days off with music and exercise, and creating higher test scores than most of its peers. In consistently achieving these goals, Rocketship Education has relied on several important aspects of the educational process – let’s learn more.

Taking pride in its public school status

Although Rocketship Education’s sixteen locations across the United States are classified as public schools, its students consistently earn higher test scores than nearby public and private schools alike. As such, Rocketship embraces the nature of public schooling, without the overarching underperformance they’re associated with. Further, because nearly every nation around the world requires its children to attend schooling, bettering public schools is important for the embitterment of society at large.

Listen to everybody involved

Schools’ efficacy hinge on countless aspects, many of which aren’t directly related to the classroom. As such, it’s important for schools to listen to parents, teachers, families, and community members to achieve high levels of success. Rocketship Education intertwines this diversified listening in its operations, helping boost its students’ quality of education.

Diversify staff first, then students

Many educational institutions want to show parents, governments, and school board members that its enrollment is diversified. However, the demographical profiles of schools’ teachers and administrators often don’t match that of their students. Rocketship Education realizes the importance of these often-overlooked aspect of schooling, striving to employ a diverse collection of educators throughout its 16 locations.

Rocketship Education was created in 2007, out of Redwood City, California. Famous for its blended-learning style of education, the public charter school system integrates technology into its everyday student activities, having proved beneficial for its system at large. Rather than keeping hiring decisions within its administrative interface, parents are trained to conduct interviews themselves, ensuring their children receive quality education without blindly trusting boards of education. Rocketship Education’s charter school status, just one of its many fixtures that facilitate educational success, allows it to receive funding from state and federal governments, without being forced to implement the rules, guidelines and regulations that boards of education mandate, often not personalized for individual schools.