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Securus Video Chat Great For Holidays, Kids

Holidays always make me pause. For one reason or another, I’ve had a few family members go to prison. Luckily, they were all sent to correctional facilities serviced by a telecommunications company called Securus. Securus is a telephone and internet company only they just do business with prisons.


That’s why holidays are always the toughest. It seems that every year someone is missing from the dinner table when it’s time to celebrate. But Securus has made it easier on all of us with this great video chat technology.


All we had to do to use this technology is setup an account on the Securus website. Then it’s just a matter of requesting a time to chat and getting it approved. From there, you just have to log back into the account at the appropriate time and you get to video chat. It works a lot like Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger Chat except you need permission to start the call.


This technology can be used on any device. You can take the video chat out into a park with a smart phone, keep a chat private with a tablet or initiate the chat with a computer. But the best part of the video chat technology is that we can bring our loved ones to the table with us for a short period of time during the holidays.


It’s been really good for the kids. They get to see their parents during the loneliest time of year and that’s got to be good for their little souls. The technology allows them to have private little chats in their bedrooms and one of the little girls takes the tablet into the closet for a super intimate chat. Without this technology, we’d have to drive for a few hours and go through the rigors of security screenings.


Securus Technologies Installation team deployed with the most advanced high-tech capabilities

In what I can term as a display of Securus’ continuous commitment to investing in products, service, features, and people, they have announced that 11 of their field specialists have received Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) certification. BICSI certification is internationally recognized in the area of information and communication technology (ICT) industry. This covers the spectrum of data, voice, audio & video technologies, project management, and electronic safety & security.


In my view, BICSI is an ideal fit to meet employee training needs, including the ever-growing standards and requirements in technology. As a result, they join other BICSI members and credential holders in offering high quality design, installation, management, and maintenance of ICT projects. Securus Technologies’ certified specialists will be deployed with the most advanced high tech capabilities. The Installation team hold an average 15 years tenure with the company and install for clients all across the nation. I believe heavily in such quality certifications as they bring another layer of expertise to their customers. This will surely help them ensure the highest performance level and reliability for their corrections customers. Watch more on

Besides, Securus is independently verified and confirmed by BBB and other such accreditors for being the largest facility provider of the only full-spectrum solutions in the sector. They also teamed up with JPay to offer the ultimate platform for digitized payments, entertainment, communications, and education in the correctional space. I am certain that you won’t be disappointed with their products which deliver tremendous value to every constituent: be it the prison staff, family or friends, and of course, the inmate.

Securus Technologies is a for-profit prison technology solutions company based in Dallas, Texas. They are the leading provider of cutting-edge civil and criminal justice technology that help improve public safety, parolee tracking, detainee communications, besides modernizing the incarceration experience including investigation, corrections, and monitoring.