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Andy Wirth Leading the Way for a Fun Life

If you think about the possibilities of where you can work, how much you can make, and every other work related question or daydream under the sun, then you have a lot of options. However, if you are dealing with any sort of individual that is only work focused and doesn’t know how to turn it off from time to time, then you could find someone who gets burnt out quickly.

According a Facebook post, One such individual who has shown that he already knows how to be a top leader within the business field but then be able to come back to reality with a personal side is Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth isn’t just someone who is focused on having a career where he can go hard, but he gives it his all in his personal life as well.

While accomplishing things such as participating in triathlons, skydiving, and even the general activities that he finds interesting and amusing, Andy Wirth has truly proven that you can go after your personal passions with as much intensity as you choose to go after your career aspirations.

The success of Squaw Valley is in no small part thanks to Andy Wirth. While his specific role is the CEO of the valley, it is not just his business decisions that have made Squaw Valley as successful as it currently is. When you have someone who is not just business minded for all of their decisions, but who also actually cares about what the employees think and do, then you have a true leader.

When people come together they are not only much more involved in the business, but they also buy into the ownership and believe the methods of the business as well. CrunchBase said that It is absolutely clear that both the personal and professional lives of Andy Wirth are doing wonders for Squaw Valley.

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