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Contribution Of End Citizens United On Political Campaigns

James Bopp is the man behind End Citizens United. James is a lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana. He appeared in court in January 2008. James appeared before three judges in Washington, DC. He wanted End Citizens United to be allowed to air a movie known as Hillary at the Democratic Presidential Primaries on Television. End United Citizens had produced the show that reveals how Hillary Clinton was a ruthless political schemer and Europe socialist. Ann Coulter and Kathleen Willey were featured in the show alongside Hillary Clinton.

Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of kissing and hugging her in the white house. She suggested featuring Clinton in the film. Clinton was trying to assassinate her. The Federal Electoral Commission told End Citizens United that the movie would not be aired because it is an extended 90 minutes show and none of them wanted to pay for it. James Bopp argued that the show was not different from what people watch in the 60 minutes movies. He went ahead and argued that the show should be given First Amendment Protection.

US District Court Judge Royce Lamberth laughed out loud when James Bopp was arguing his point. He told James Bopp that there is a significant difference between the 90 minutes and the 60 minutes show. She wondered if James Bopp had read the whole transcript. The supreme court reversed Royce’s ruling and adopted James Bopp’s arguments two years later.


The whole team of End Citizens United was culminated by the good work that was done by James Bopp. Nobody expected him to win. James Bopp did not stop there. He is now pursuing many other cases to dismantle each facet of the campaign finance regulation. The arguments are similar to those of 2008. James Bobb argued that the spending of those who are in the outside group is ballooning, but few of them reveal the donors.

PAC is a team of End Citizens United. It is much focused on driving a lot of cash out of the political arena and raising its own money. The team collected more than $4 million in the first three months. The projects that they started is expected to raise more than $35 million in 2018. The money is a significant value as compared to the $25 million that they used during the 2016 election. 2016 was the first cycle of PAC election operation.

More than 100,000 people contributed during the first quarter of the PAC meeting. Muller is the president of the teams. Muller said that the average contribution is $12 million this year. The group operates in the same manner as traditional PAC. They do not accept donations that are more than $500 from an individual.

End Citizens United Raises $11 Million

There are several advocacy groups that have been fighting to overturn the decision of Supreme Court regarding Citizens United. These groups include Public Citizen, besides Common Cause along with People for the American Way. A new group was added to this list in March 2015. It is the End Citizens United PAC. It wants to overturn this controversial decision of the Supreme Court too. But it wants to do so by helping to elect more Democrats in the US Government.

End Citizens United has an aggressive strategy. It is founded by three former specialists who were looking after online fundraising for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They are also running Mothership Strategies which is a consulting firm. It is clear that they have a mindset towards list building as well as big volume fundraising. Earlier all this was being done by some dedicated non-profit agencies.

This PAC has a methodology of sending out urgent solicitations through e-mail. At times, these amounted to even seven each day. These would have messages that would ask people to send their donation so that they become a founding member of End Citizens United. They need to rush as Republicans are chipping away at various finance laws related to the campaign. Hence there is urgency in order to restore Democracy. Hence action needs to be taken immediately. The minimum contribution being requested was of $5.

It was a highly successful strategy. It helped End Citizens United to raise $11 million. All this was mainly through small donations that were being collected online.

The founders of End Citizens United are Greg Berlin, Jake Lipsett along with Charles Starnes. They feel that Citizens United has unleashed huge amounts of political cash. This way it has become simply impossible for the Democrats to pass their Party agenda. This is why End Citizens United has been created so that Democrats are elected who can change all this.

This strategy was very different and unique in the world of political fundraising world. Typically, non-profits tend to build up relationships with their supporters by going through several actions. But End Citizens United was buying extensive lists and then asking people to make donations.

Non-profits tend to organize protests and such other events. They will circulate petitions. This is the way they would advocate for any legislation, or against it. They are looking at grassroots engagement with their supporters and not at soliciting money from them.

Besides, End Citizens United was sending these emails to those donors who had already funded several non-profits that were looking after campaign finance reform.

Hence these fundraising tactics by End Citizens United are not very common in the case of candidate campaigns or party committees. But this is being used as a way to keep engaged with the supporters too.




George Soros spending millions to unseat controversial sheriff

George Soros, the billionaire donor, has been a strong advocate of those who are being discriminated by the justice system. Soros recently spent $2 million against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Soros funded, Maricopa Strong with a multi-million dollar investment, with the goal of unseating Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Maricopa Strong on also received funds from Texas energy billionaires Laura and John Arnold, and also from Lauren Powell Jobs (widow of Steve Jobs). Soros has spent millions in the sheriff’s race, funding mailers and TV ads pushing Arpaio’s opponent Paul Penzone.

George Soros previously spent millions funding campaigns to unseat local prosecutors in several states across the country. Soros’ supported groups are heavily spending in three district attorney races in Houston and Denver. Soros is also spending $1 million to unseat a Republican district attorney in Sheriff Arpaio’s community. Soros’ targeting of Sheriff Arpaio is his largest financial investment in a local race. Soros’ fight against Arpaio combines multiple policy passions of Soros’ on Politico including immigration reform and criminal justice reform.

Arpaio has gained recognition for being an extreme opponent of illegal immigration. Arapio’s team has blasted Soros, calling him a “globalist” and claiming Soros’ group has broken financial rules on Arpaio has fought back against Soros’ strong influence by airing 42.8 million worth of tv ads. Soros’ close allies have said they targeted Sheriff Arpaio because he has violated civil rights and tarnished the justice system in Arizona. Soros supporters have claimed that Arpaio has failed to properly investigate rapes, assaults and child molestations. See: