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George Soros spending millions to unseat controversial sheriff

George Soros, the billionaire donor, has been a strong advocate of those who are being discriminated by the justice system. Soros recently spent $2 million against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Soros funded, Maricopa Strong with a multi-million dollar investment, with the goal of unseating Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Maricopa Strong on also received funds from Texas energy billionaires Laura and John Arnold, and also from Lauren Powell Jobs (widow of Steve Jobs). Soros has spent millions in the sheriff’s race, funding mailers and TV ads pushing Arpaio’s opponent Paul Penzone.

George Soros previously spent millions funding campaigns to unseat local prosecutors in several states across the country. Soros’ supported groups are heavily spending in three district attorney races in Houston and Denver. Soros is also spending $1 million to unseat a Republican district attorney in Sheriff Arpaio’s community. Soros’ targeting of Sheriff Arpaio is his largest financial investment in a local race. Soros’ fight against Arpaio combines multiple policy passions of Soros’ on Politico including immigration reform and criminal justice reform.

Arpaio has gained recognition for being an extreme opponent of illegal immigration. Arapio’s team has blasted Soros, calling him a “globalist” and claiming Soros’ group has broken financial rules on Arpaio has fought back against Soros’ strong influence by airing 42.8 million worth of tv ads. Soros’ close allies have said they targeted Sheriff Arpaio because he has violated civil rights and tarnished the justice system in Arizona. Soros supporters have claimed that Arpaio has failed to properly investigate rapes, assaults and child molestations. See: