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Service and Involvement: CAA and the Community.

Capital Anesthesiology Association serves the greater Austin, TX area. This group of professionals exemplifies the ideals of community and practice. CAA proudly serves a wide range of facilities in the area, including hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers. This allows for more growth and a greater emphasis on patient centered care. Many of the physicians involved in the CAA are subject matter experts in cardiothoracic, pediatric, and obstetric fields. These doctors are supported by over one hundred certified nurses. This is a team like no other, who is community focussed. Capital Anesthesiology members are actively involved in multiple community non-profit and outreach programs. Organizations served by CAA professionals include local resources in the Austin area, as well as those with a world wide emphasis. One can tell that there are a range of interests served such as elderly, children, and plastic surgery patients. Service and professionalism thrive in the CAA, and this is evident upon any interaction.