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For Healthy Thriving Pets Purina PetCare Is The Way To Go

Throughout my life I have had the luxury of proudly owning many dogs and cats. Different breeds and sizes yet they all have one major thing the same. All of my little furry friends grew up using Purina Pet Care products.

Purina News employs over 400 scientists and nutritionists that come together specializing in the health and nourishment of the little furry friends. (even the large ones as well). They have been in the pet care industry for over 80 years. Now that’s a name I can trust. There philosophy states ” Pets and people are better together”. I share that philosophy and believe that Purina reaches out to the extra-ordinary pet owner. My pets are my family members and I stand behind Purina Pet Care because they have helped my friends to flourish over all these years.

There foods exceed the FDA (Federal and State Regulatory Standards). They set the industry standard in PetCare and nourishment. Starting with extensive ingredient sourcing, ingredient testing, and the tracking and control of there optimal ingredients. Purina has not stopped there. They have reached out to the animals that have yet to find that loving home. In 2011 alone 1800 shelters across the United States received pet food donation from Purina. In 2014 6 million pounds of healthy morsels were donated. Wow, that’s 19 million in retail value.

Earlier I mentioned that I have owned a various number of pets. All having different characteristics but they shared one common thing. The use of Purina PetCare products which allowed them to healthily and happily grow and flourish. There products helped them thrive. I know my pets are thriving through a few basic principles: they eat eagerly, have high levels of energy, shiny smooth coats, and strong healthy white teeth. Never once did I have digestive issues ( A major concern for pet owners). Anyone out there looking for a PetCare provider with pride, strong values, years of credibility, and a passion for helping the less fortunate. Use Purina pet care products. I stand behind them and without a doubt know both you and your loving pet will benefit tremendously.