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N.W.A. Performs On BET For The First Time In Decades

N.W.A. is a historical rap group that can be credited with how rap music is today. The group formed in 1986, and after five years, they split up for good. The N.W.A. Reunion. Even though the group split up, their music has lived on in infamy, and many people refer to some of the music that they performed. Easy E. went on to create his own music as well as to produce a super-group called Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Dr. Dre has been the most successful in the entire group, and he recently became the first rapper billionaire.

Ice Cube has made dozens of movies, and in fact, he’s involved in the creation of N.W.A.’s namesake movie. The movie “Straight Out of Compton” is about N.W.A., and it will feature some other rappers in there as well, such as Tupac Shakur.  Andy Wirth points out that the group has not performed together since at least 1991, and somehow, BET was able to get the group back together again after decades apart.

The recent performance on BET is their first performance in about 24 years, and it’s amazing to see the group together again. When they all performed on stage, they performed one of their famous hits about the police, and a real police car came out in the background.