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Hiring a Wikipedia Writing Service is Good for Any Business

Any business owner who is thinking of publishing a Wikipedia page is thinking clearly. Wikipedia entries do have the potential to help with internet marketing. Business owners probably should think about hiring a writer-editor or a team of writers-editors to handle the task.

Wikipedia writers are a very enthusiastic lot. This enthusiasm is on full display at West Virginia University. Hoping to increase gender equality and women’s contributions to Wikipedia, an “edit-a-thon” has been organized. The goal of the event is to expand the percentage of women writers beyond the 10% threshold it currently maintains.

Once again, events such as these do show just how enthusiastic Wikipedia writers and editors are. A business definitely would benefit from such serious and committed writers. Outsourcing writing tasks to talented professionals should result in a page to be proud of. If you’d like to learn more about how to make a Wikipedia page, visit the following link:

Hiring a Wikipedia writing service is more than just procuring the talents of skilled professionals, although that is important. Handing over the duties to a writing service removes time-consuming responsibilities off the shoulders of those who work for the business. Small businesses with small staffs – if any – are going to find contracting out work to be the more prudent decision.

And then there is the matter of style. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. The writing submitted to the site has to be direct, to the point, and free of personal commentary. Even accidental violations of the terms of service means third-party edits are coming.

Aesthetic mean a lot, too. A flair for words is critical when creating any type of promotional material. While it is true Wikipedia business page creation is not like writing poetry, a good writer can have a nice way with words that brings out the true brilliance of the material. This allows the reader to truly feel there is something of value associated with the subject. A person gaining such a feeling after reading an entry on a historical subject may want to continue to do more research. A person reading about a business could very well think about becoming a customer.

Get Your Wiki is a writing service that takes all the responsibilities associated with writing Wikipedia contents. Clients procuring the services of Get Your Wiki do not have to write or edit anything. The professionals at the service do all these duties and more.

The Perfect Lime Crime

It was the perfect crime. No evidence, no mess. A clean job. My lips were on point in blue lipstick. Paired with a smokey eye look I felt the ultimatum of loveliness. So the actual perfect “crime” was my epic Lime Crime makeup look I was rocking. There was no evidence that I’d applied the makeup because I’d neatly sprayed clean my makeup brushes with brush cleaner and tucked them away in my makeup brush jar. I’d placed my Lime Crime Cry Baby Blue Unicorn Lipstick and my Lime Crime Venus: The Grunge Palette away in my cosmetics box. Do you not know what Lime Crime makeup is?

Lime Crime makeup is a makeup brand that’s wildly colorful, certified vegan and cruelty free. It’s one of the few very colorful makeup brands on the market that is vegan and cruelty free. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lipgloss, glitter and nail polish is the makeup available from the Lime Crime company. The lip colors are the most fun lip colors you will be able to find anywhere. You can get high quality blue, hot pink, neon green, black, yellow, bright orange, teal, red berry, purple and many other lip colors from Lime Crime. It’s unlikely you won’t be able to find the lip color of your heart’s desire from from Lime Crime since they have such a wide range. They are not so much about using makeup to correct features but to use makeup to be creative and to have a good time with your makeup. According to their website Lime Crime will also soon be selling colorful hair dye. You can sign up for their email to find out when it’s coming out. They already have a feature on their imaginative website that allows you to pick a certain hair color to find the perfect makeup color matches to go along with colorful hair.

Another interesting point about Lime Crime products available at is that it’s also an independent makeup company. The entire business was started in the year 2007 by a woman by the name of Doe Deere for only a few hundred dollars. From there the business just kept on growing and growing like a beautiful colorful flower due to Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere’s dedication to her company. Doe Deere has stated that she decided to start Lime Crime because she felt that there was no makeup colorful enough for her, so she decided there was definitely a niche that needed to be filled in the makeup market.

If Lime Crime sounds like a makeup “do” for you, you can buy or explore Lime Crime from a few different places. The Lime Crime website is probably the most likely place to seek it out. Lime Crime may also be found at their profile, at Urban Outfitters and at some of the makeup conventions in Los Angeles, California where they are headquarted at. If you’re ready to “commit” a Lime Crime go check them out today!