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Sapphire Rings Are For You

Sapphire rings have been on the rise gaining in popularity and demand. More women are beginning to want rings that contain more color instead of just the traditional diamond. This demand of a sapphire could possibly be connected to the ring that is worn on the finger of Kate Middleton who is the Duchess of Cambridge. The ring Prince William proposed to Kate with is the ring that belonged to his mother Lady Diana. It is a ring with a history and beauty made of a 12 karat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds that is set on a 18 karat white gold band. It is a massive stone that definitely catches attention.

Sapphires are not only blue though. In fact, these beautiful gems come colorless, black and even grey. Sapphires can also be found in different shades of pink from light to dark, as well a mix of pink and orange. Did you know that a ruby is actually a pink sapphire that has a dark hue that matches the minimum color saturation for the gem’s classification!? It’s astounding the beauty of natural stones.

Some sapphires are not just a hue of blue or pink but contain what is called a star. The given name of this particular gem is the star sapphire. This sapphire contains an extra mineral inside of it that when a light is shone from above a six rayed star appears. In some rare cases, there are sapphires that contain a 12 rayed star shaped pattern.

A sapphire engagement ring says faithfulness and sincerity between partners. It is a ring of intimacy and used to symbolized the five year mark within a marriage. A sapphire can make a bold statement with a cost much less than that of a diamond and this is something both men and women are in the market for.