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The Personal, Education and Career Life of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is one of the most talented fashion branding personnel

She has a high reputation, particularly, for branding within the sports industry. Her career was inspired by her background. Having been born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, her passion for the sports industry came naturally. Then there is the fact that her father was a coach in the area.


Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College where she graduated with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business. To date, she is actively involved in the activities of the college. She seats on the school’s board of advisors committee.



McGalla started her career at Joseph Horne Company. Her marketing and business degree earned her a position as a marketing employee in the company. McGalla being a go-getter quickly rose the ranks and was promoted to a managerial post. She stayed with the company for eight years and left in the year 1994.


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When McGalla left Joseph Horne, she got employed at American Eagle Outfitter. From the year 1994 to 2009, McGalla transformed the company to be one of the greatest companies in fashion branding. Again her marketing degree played a very big role in her tenure at the company. Starting out as a mere divisional merchandise buyer for the women wear. With time, she got promoted to the managerial level. She worked in various managerial levels until she was finally promoted to chief merchandising officer of the company’s flagship. This was prior to her promotion to be the CMO and president of the company.


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After leaving American Eagle, she decided to go solo. She started her own business, working as a consultant. She specialized at rendering services to the retail and financial investment companies. Susan McGalla has worked with companies such as Wet Seal, where she was the CEO and Pittsburgh Steelers.


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