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Ricardo Tosto Explains Brazilian Legal Theory

In Brazilian jurisprudence, there are several legal theories about what constitutes a crime under Brazilian law. More specifically, there are three main schools of thought. The first theory is the four-part theory, which holds that a crime is made up of four distinct elements: facts typifying the offense, illicitness, guilt (similar to mens re in common law), and a legal basis for punishment. Today, this theory has been virtually discarded.

The second theory, which is one of the two main camps in existence today, is the three-part theory. The three-part theory holds that crimes are made up of the facts typifying the crime, illicitness, and guilt. Although this is the predominant theory in Brazilian law today, there is a third theory.

The third theory holds that guilt is automatic where the facts of the case fit the typification of the act and the act is illicit. Therefore, Ricardo Tosto this theory holds there are two elements to a crime, the facts of the case and the illicitness of the act. The third theory is similar to strict liability in the context of common law, where mens re need not be proved.

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