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George Soros Plan to Solve the Asylum Chaos

George Soros is the founder and also the chairman of Open Society, an organization that networks different foundations, partners and even projects in different countries in the world. Currently, the foundation has reached over 100 countries in its networks. Soros is actually very committed when it comes in to an open society. He believes that every person’s right should be respect, and every government should be accountable to the people it serves. He also believes that nobody should have monopoly to the truth. These actions have made his organization to be very different from others. He has a history for being one of the biggest financiers in the world, and this has made his ideas in the financial and investment sector to be respected by many. Just recently, he gave his opinion about stopping the asylum chaos in Europe. His views are very respected, and this means that if the country follows his plan, then they will definitely experience some positive changes. First of all, Soros believes that the European Union must accept responsibility because it doesn’t have a common asylum policy, and this has transformed the growing influx for the refugee who come from small manageable problems, and this leads to a great political crisis. According to Soros, each of the member states has been selfish and has only focused in just its own interests, and sometimes they even go ahead and act against the interests of the member’s estates. This has actually brought panic to the asylum seekers, the public and also to the people who are responsible to maintaining law and order in the country. The asylum seekers are believed to have been the major victims to this crisis. George Soros advices theEU that it requires a very comprehensive plan that will be able to respond to the growing crisis. The plan must reassert very effective governance when it comes to asylum seekers. This will enable them to take place in places that are safe and also in an orderly way. They should also do it in a pace that is able to reflect that Europe has the capacity to actually absorb them. He emphasizes that the plan to be made should go beyond the borders of Europe. He also says that it will be less disruptive and also cheaper to maintain the potential asylum seekers when they are in or close to the present location. George goes ahead and explains that the origin of the crisis happening is from Syria, and this means that the Syrian population must be given the first priority before anything else. This doesn’t mean that the other asylum dwellers should be forgotten. They too, should be given an opportunity so that the crisis is solved. The European plan should also be accompanied by an international response, which can be from the authority of the UN and also involving its members. This will actually distribute the current burden of the crisis happening in Syria to a bigger estates, and at the same time establish global standard when it comes to dealing with issues concerning forced migration.