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Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Skiing

Lake Tahoe vaunts being the best vacation destination for over three thousand years. Formed about 25 million years ago, Lake Tahoe is noticeably the second deepest lake in the whole of the USA. It stands as the one of the clearest and tenth deepest worldwide. The lake has a vast shoreline that covers 75 miles, which provides a pristine environment for thrill-seekers on Lake Tahoe has a wideness of 12 miles and is 22 miles long. The lake has aroused superlatives from its skier visitors.

Lake Tahoe offers one of the best skiing paradises in America and hosts the biggest concentration of awe-inspiring ski resorts. The lake offers breath-taking opportunities to people who love skiing and other outdoor activities. Lake Tahoe is reputed for its both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing astonishing options. This means you can comfortably board or ski on different mountains for as long as you want. Lake Tahoe skiing has something for everyone. The lake offers various all-encompassing sets of skiing options from a small family-friendly ski region to world-beating ski resorts.

For you and your family to profoundly enjoy skiing and other majestic outdoor activities, you need to know the best skiing resorts in Lake Tahoe. One of the leading ski resorts in Lake Tahoe is Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Located in Olympic Valley in California, Squaw Valley boats being among the largest ski areas in the US. In Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the second biggest offering 3,600 acres and 30 chairlifts. Another great ski resort is the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which is located in Alpine Meadows in California. The resort offers a skiable terrain of 2,400 acres and 13 different chairlifts. It offers 1,802 feet of vertical drop.

These two luxuriant ski resorts merged in 2012 to improve the quality of service delivery and your satisfaction. Together the two resorts provide a joint access to more than 270 trails, 43 lifts, and 6,200 acres. The Squaw Alpine Resort offers excellent services and a scenic tramway. Every year, the resorts host several summer events as well as bringing notable musical performers and yoga teachers. During summer, the resorts welcome a spectrum of beer and wine events and concerts including Jazz and Funk Fest, Peaks and Paws, and the Brews. They get their reputation from the provision of approachable hospitality and chalet-style lodges, which makes the skiing experience to be awesome.

5 Reasons Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Have the Best Lake Tahoe Skiing

Lake Tahoe provides some of the best ski terrain in the United States, and at the top of list for best ski resorts is Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows! While the stunning scenery and world-class skiing are tempting, add these five reasons to visit to your list today!

* 1 Pass, 2 Parks- Since the two resorts merged in 2011, skiers can enjoy the powder on the slopes of both resorts without having to buy additional tickets or passes. Don’t worry about driving back and forth between parks as transportation is provided between the two, with plans in the works to connect them via a gondola in the future.

* Plenty of Land to Ski- Both resorts offer visitors enough land to explore and ski over an extended vacation. There are 6,000 acres of skiable land, eight peaks to conquer, over 270 trails to explore and 44 lifts to get you there and back.

* A Bit of Olympic History- Squaw Valley was home to the 1960 Olympic Winter Games, a legacy that it has cherished ever since. Visitors can explore and embrace that history with a visit to The Village, the beating heart of Squaw Valley and the premier resort to stay at during your skiing adventure.

* Enjoy More Than Just Skiing- The Village offers more than just a ski pass when you need a change of activity after a day on the slopes. Unwind with yoga, rock climbing or swimming.

* Or Enjoy a Wilderness Retreat- In contrast to Squaw Valley’s fast-paced life, Alpine Meadows offers a more relaxed stay, with rustic chalet-style lodges and a focus on the mountains and the gorgeous views.

Squaw Valley at is under the direction of CEO Andy Wirth. Wirth has enjoyed a long career in hospitality and land stewardship, and Squaw Valley and the Lake Tahoe area has benefited from his presence in the area. His contribution to Squaw Valley has helped shape it into the ideal ski resort that it is today, while continuing to improve the resort and helping the community.

In 2011, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows merged together as one. The two resorts combined offer skiers the best of Lake Tahoe skiing. Both resorts work towards environmental betterment for the Lake Tahoe area as well as working closely with several non-profits and the local community.