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Pet Lovers Buy Premium Dog Foods Like Beneful

I met most of my pet loving friends at dog parks, training classes and on forums on the internet. We all want the best for our animals. Recently, one of my forums started sharing this article from the Daily Herald that talks a lot about what happens inside of the factories that produce premium dog foods. We all love buying the best dog foods for our animals, so it is nice to have some hard evidence to discuss.

Premium Dog Foods With Premium Ingredients

The dog foods in the article are all top shelf choices that really care about what goes in their food and what goes on in their facilities. They take extreme precautions to insure that their ingredients are specifically chosen for a well balanced diet. My dog appreciates this since he leads an active lifestyle. He needs all the nutrients and calories he can get because we are always on the go. He is my companion, so I take him with me when I go out places. My dog likes the taste of chicken. That is why I buy him Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. It is chicken flavored, and it has real chicken in it. That is something that really impresses me about Beneful Dog Foods. I like to see that these premium brands from Purina Store use real ingredients in their foods. They don’t just use chemicals and other ingredients to make it taste good. They actually use real chicken in the chicken blend, and they use real beef in the beef blend, and so on. My dog leads an active lifestyle, so I try to incorporate as much training and treats as we can possibly afford. Our time is limited, but we usually have time to break away to the park where we can train. I have Beneful Dog Treats for him always. I get the Baked Delights by Beneful because he likes them. His little tail is always moving around. If anyone is interested in reading the article that was posted on my forum, you can take a look at it by going here.