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InnovaCare Health, Rising Above all Challenges

American health services seem to be in jeopardy and have long been an issue even prior to the passing of affordable care act. With all the reforms and policies being implemented in order to fix and improve the current health care system, InnovaCare Health has risen to these challenges and have made the much-needed contributions and support in order to implement a much complex payment system for our health care services. It was clear that InnovaCare Health is serious with its plan in providing the best services on LinkedIn they could provide without sacrificing or passing the burden to the people alone.

The great minds behind InnovaCare Health

The InnovaCare Health had been the leading Healthcare service provider not just in Puerto Rico but also within the major parts of North America, not because of InnovaCare Health as being a household name but because of the people behind its’ success. Dr. Rick Shinto, InnovaCare Health’s President and CEO have indeed performed well and beyond his capability by ensuring that InnovaCare Health could always provide the best Medicare and Medicaid services to everyone. Dr. Richard Shinto, being a product of University of California, working for hand and hand with the current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides, the two have ensured that the modernization of InnovaCare Health’s would fit the current health care system in our country.

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The Challenge in Today’s Health Care for InnovaCare Health

Statistics have shown that more or less one-third of the Americans today are either uninsured or lacks the proper or sufficient health care service that they would need. This one-third is either in need of more information regarding the need for a health care service provider or at least a much flexible programs or payment methods that they could easily avail. InnovaCare Health has already started a campaign to encourage and provide a simpler procedure of payment and availing of medical services.

As the saying goes, the only permanent thing in this world is change. With almost everything being on the tips of our fingers, we should be thankful that together, we have no other choice but to embrace these changes and with it, just like what InnovaCare Health did, embrace the change and resolve the things that needed fix in order to ensure that the service they could provide would always be something that the healthcare patients on deserve and would look for once their need for it arise.

Music Really Can Be the Best Medicine

Anyone dealing with long term medical care has probably heard quite a lot about what the best medicine is. Obviously the absolute best medicine is, well, actual medicine. But there’s a whole host of chronic conditions which don’t have conventional treatment. Those who suffer from them and those who love them alike are always searching for new ways to come to terms with those maladies. And they’ll often find help in quite unexpected places. But one of the most recent is also both one of the most effective and the most unexpected. And that’s the fact that autism research has found a valued allies in rock music. And all of that is thanks to a charity known as Autism Rocks.

Or, one might be more accurate in saying that it’s all thanks to the founder of Autism Rocks. Because it’s hard to imagine such results from anyone other than Sanjay Shah. But to understand why that’s the case one must first look into both his life and the charity that he founded. Sanjay is one of those people who always seems to have something going on. Many, even most, people are easily defined by a single role. But Sanjay’s one of those people who always seems to refuse to march to the beat of any drummer but his own conscience. As such he’s created an identity for himself that seems to transcend simple roles and labels. Some of the biggest multimedia stars in the world would label him as a friend. Businessmen would be quick to note that he’s the president and CEO of Solo Capital. But the only label that really comes closest in terms of accuracy is one that’s understood best by his family. And that’s the fact that Sanjay is a family man.

This love of family is the whole reason why Autism Rocks came into being. Because Sanjay isn’t just a father. He’s a father to an autistic child. And this has made a huge difference in how he sees the world. Because the biggest lesson that any parent of an autistic child learns is that worldview can be of immense importance. Autism is, at the core, a medical condition which imposes a certain way to see the world. Those on on the outside are forced to play a game of catchup to understand just what the autistic see. But people like Sanjay realize that the best way to do so is through medical research. Sanjay’s charity allows people to donate money to autism research by funding private rock concerts. And by doing so everyone is able to do something really amazing. Every singe person involved is able to have fun while also creating a bridge of understanding between autistic people and those on the outside of the condition.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes Focuses On Health Education And Disease Prevention

Dr. Sergio Cortes was the Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense, a role that allowed him to promote good health among Brazilians. The position is in stark contrast to Dr. Cortes’ former job as a noted orthopedic surgeon and Head of Bone Transplantation at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, nevertheless, the doctor is a natural-born heath advocate. If you look at his blog, you’ll see that Sergio Cortes cares about everything from Chikungunya fever to children’s self esteem; health concerns that he no doubt saw while serving as an emergency room doctor at Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto.

You’ll see that Dr. Sergio Cortes did not just sit in his office like the typical administrator, he got out into the trenches to assess health threats. As Extra reported in 2013, Dr. Cortes visited flooded areas in Xerém to assess whether the measures taken by the State Department of Health were enough to prevent the numerous health threats caused by contaminated water.

Today, according to his LinkedIn profile, Dr. Sergio Cortes is the CMO and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz, the largest independent hospital operator in Brazil. It’s rumored that President-Elect Rousseff will make Dr. Cortes Brazil’s next Minister of Health; the doctor’s professional experience and education from the prestigious Harvard Business School certainly qualifies him for the position.

Dr. Cortes is currently in the news for his research into how physical activity helps prevent the onset of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the esteemed doctor, regular exercise keeps the brain active and healthy, especially in people who have a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Cortes also advocates exercise, such as swimming and Pilates, for anyone suffering from back pain and for anyone concerned about developing osteoporosis.

Follow Dr. Cortes on Twitter for the latest news on health issues faced by Brazilians. He uses his very public profile to educate, with an emphasis on Zika outbreaks, a hot topic in Brazil right now. The mosquito-spread virus is plaguing Latin America countries; pregnant women are advised not to travel to Brazil at this time, according to Dr. Cortes’ tweets.