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“A New Life In Hip-Hop”

The rap group G-Unit is again coming on the scene. They have just hired a new artist to their group by the name of Kidd Kidd. This recently signed artist is quickly becoming known as the best new rapper in the industry. He is proving himself more and more every single day.

Kidd Kidd took a big step by releasing a song titled Ejected. Not only does this track feature a wonderful beat an lyrics, but this track also features Lil’ Wayne. This is possibly going to be one of the hottest hip-hop songs for the entire summer.

Though G-Unit is working on new music, they have taken a liking to this new song says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. They believe Kidd Kidd is great when it comes to collaborations, and they would like to see Kidd Kidd collaborate with many other artists. G-Unit themselves have many tracks featuring Kidd Kidd that they will soon be releasing to the public.

G-Unit is happy that Kidd Kidd is getting this exposure. They believe this is one of the hottest artists from G-Unit in a long time. Fans of G-Unit everywhere have written positive reviews about Kidd Kidd. Fans everywhere have also stated that they listen to Ejected on a daily basis. Many fans said it is that type of song that someone can listen to over and over again. Kidd Kidd and Lil’ Wayne might create further trakcs since they were so successful with this one.