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CEO John Holt Shows The Way For Bank Leaders

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a leading financial services company offering excellent services in Mortgage Banking, Investment Banking, and Commercial Banking. The bank’s primary clients are financial institutions, but it also serves corporations, institutional clients, and individuals.

Nexbank is committed to customer satisfaction by delivering unique banking value at every chance. The bank has made a name for itself within the sophisticated and most demanding investment banking industry. Nexbank’s charter dates back to 1922; a sign of unparalleled experience in the banking sector.

The CEO John Holt

John Holt provides experienced leadership at the helm of Nexbank’s management. He is the Director and Chairman of the Board of NexBank SSB as well as the President and CEO of both the Bank and the Company. He leads the execution of the firm’s strategies in addition to overseeing the operational and financial performance of the company.

Since Holt’s arrival at Nexbank in 2011, the bank has grown to become the leading financial institution in Dallas, Texas with assets worth over $3.5 billion. The bank has also expanded its mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional service delivery that meet and even surpass the customers’ expectations.

John Holt Speaks At the Texas Bankers Conference

In the recently concluded Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, John Holt served as one of the panelists. The Conference marked its fifth year running and was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

John Hold addressed the issues of reinventing community banking and the perspectives of tech-based competition. The November 7, 2016, event showcased various ideas that the bankers feel can be addressed to avert the numerous challenges facing the banking sector.

The panelists were drawn from leading bank managers, consultants, and financial advisors from across Texas and beyond. They explored perspectives on principal opportunities available for the banks and the challenges facing the community banking institutions. The aspects of organic growth and branching, as well as M & A activities, were discussed at length.