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Thor Halvorssen’s Passion for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist who grew up with the notion that he was a citizen of the world with a mission to protect not only the basic rights of individuals around the world, but to also promote freedom in even some of the most oppressive and militaristic countries around the world. Thor Halvorssen grew up with both roots from Venezuela as well as roots from Norway which encouraged him to embrace different cultures and to learn different languages. As a human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen is on a mission to talk to individuals around the world to make sure that he hears what they have to say. Thor Halvorssen hopes that his efforts will be fruitful in the future when individuals have not only the right to their religion but also have the right to speak in a democratic society. Thor Halvorssen grew up in a household with human rights activists and plans to continue his mission to promote universal rights for all.1)

Thor Halvorssen is the current President of the Human Rights Foundation, a foundation that is located in New York City and that has grown over the past several years thanks to the efforts of Thor Halvorssen and his expert team. The team that Thor Halvorssen has been able to assemble consists of fearless and dedicated individuals who are not afraid to be beaten, threatened, or even imprisoned if it means that they fight for the rights of others. Thor Halvorssen and his team have been involved with protests in countries such as Angola, North Korea, and many other oppressive countries that are known to be closed off societies.

For the future, Thor Halvorssen has no intention of retiring. As a third generation human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen is dedicated to his craft and is dedicated to making his family proud. As a selfless individual, Thor Halvorssen loves to watch others have and voice their voice and loves to watch the fruits of his labor. Thor Halvorssen has many more plans for the future of the Human Rights Foundation and for his many endeavors to come.