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How Fabletics Challenges Online Retailers With Innovative Strategies

Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand Fabletics is now worth over $250 million. Launched only three years ago, Hudson has gone from a high-profile movie star to an entrepreneur with an impressive understanding of business strategy as she continues to watch innovative yet risky moves pay off.


Hudson’s initial business model was simple. Consumers can purchase apparel items on the Fabletics website or opt to become a VIP member. As a VIP member, customers subscribe to receive a monthly outfit in the mail for only $49.95 per month. Outfits are picked out by the Fabletics website based on a survey that subscribers fill out regarding their clothing tastes and workout preferences.


The company quickly grew its number of VIP members partly due to Hudson’s enormous social media popularity acting as a marketing tool for the brand. Hudson’s Instagram page boasts millions of followers who look to the actress as both a wellness guru and a style icon.


When Hudson introduced a handful of brick-and-mortar stores last year, the business world took notice. Many consider physical stores to be almost obsolete thanks to online retail trends. However, Hudson introduced her physical stores as “reverse showrooms,” allowing customers to come in and try the clothes on for themselves before becoming VIP members.


The risky strategy paid off. Hudson plans to open several more physical stores both in the United States and internationally over the next three to five years.


One of the reasons that this “reverse showroom” technique has been such a success for Fabletics is because of the way that the physical stores integrate the website into the shopping experiences of the stores’ customers. For instance, when a shopper tries an item on, that item appears in the customer’s online shopping cart. Customers who have not yet subscribed to become VIP members on the Fabletics website are encouraged to do so by store workers.


Fabletics also stocks each store based on which online items sell the best in each region. If Fabletics shoppers in California favor sports bras over sweatshirts, Fabletics stores in California will reflect these trends to ensure that customers are able to touch and try on as many different sports bras as possible.


It’s safe to say that the success of Fabletics is the result of Hudson’s deep understanding of modern consumers. Fabletics appeals to a new breed of shoppers who are interested in the convenience of the subscription-based shopping model. Hudson also created the brand right before the peak of the “athleisure” trend, which refers to the integration of athletic apparel into everyday wear. Her keen understanding of trends combined with her sense of risk is what has brought the company into the success it has today.


With “athleisure” still on the rise and more brick-and-mortar stores to come, Fabletics has a bright future ahead. Many other apparel brands are sure to follow Hudson’s lead in the year to come.

How Fabletics Works

Fabletics offers high quality workout clothes for men and women at very reasonable prices. It is a subscription box that was co founded by Kate Hudson the famous actress, mother and avid exerciser. It offers cute and stylish work out gear that is affordable as well as functional. Crazy Coupon Lady who is a top known blogger and reviewer has given a great review on what Fabletics is and how it works, as well as detailing some of the specific items she tried out. Below you will find all the answers you need on how Fabletics works.


Fabletics is so simple and easy to use yet offers great results. You simply visit their website and fill out a very short questionnaire to begin. The questionnaire will help Fabletics get to know you better so they can choose a better fit and pattern for your workout gear. After finishing the questionnaire Fabletics will then begin custom choosing an outfit for you based on your size, color choices and even workout needs. They will then ship the order right to your home with free shipping included.


Once the order is shipped according to Trustpilot another big online reviewer who has used Fabletics for a few years now you will receive a tracking number so you can track your shipment. Once the shipment arrives you have a great new stylish outfit to work out in. After one month Fabletics will then begin custom creating another outfit for you and will continue to do so every month until you pause or cancel your subscription. To pause or cancel the subscription simply visit their website or call the customer care number included in your order. Once you pause or cancel you can still begin again at anytime.


There are many benefits to using Fabletics. One being the new stylish work out clothes that may help motivate you to work out more every month. Another great benefit is the very affordable cost. You get a high quality yet stylish and comfortable outfit to wear every month. Probably the biggest benefit of using Fabletics is the fact that you do not have to go shopping for clothes. No visiting busy stores, or trying on tons of clothes, or looking desperately for higher quality work out gear. At Fabletics everything is chosen for you and shipped straight to your door for no problems and hassles and it is something fun to look forward to every month.




Fashion and Art with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

There are a lot of different ideas and hang ups when it comes to fashion. A lot of people have a hard time dressing well. It is not just men. Women are also faced with the challenge of finding something that looks good. This is especially the case when it comes to athletic clothing. Kate Hudson herself has seen how drab, boring and ill-fitting the clothes of Fabletics on Marie Claire that are offered in the athletic category are. For this reason, she has decided to help found a clothing line called “athleisure” in which she could inspire people to shop in the fitness section.

Kate Hudson has founded a retail company and given it the name as seen on Pinterest. Fabletics is a subdivision of Fabletics. Her store has proven to be such a success that many entities have taken an interest in the stylish Kate Hudson herself and interviewed her because of Fabletics. She has been interviewed by people from publishers like Marie Claire. Kate Hudson has an inspiring story which goes beyond her acting and business owning endeavors. She has a unique understanding about fashion. She shares her reason for always dressing well and being stylish. She, as well as other stylish people understand the secret behind their style. See:

Fashion is a bit like art. For some people, art is a method of self expression. Stylish people look to clothing as a way to express themselves and present to people who they really are. Often times, people will come up with their own style that is unique from others. On top of that, others will compliment them on the clothes they are wearing. As a result, they will feel better about themselves with Fabletics. Kate Hudson herself has experienced it with her sense of style. It also helps people to have someone assist them in the type of clothes that they will look good in. However, the person can decide for himself the type of clothes that he would feel good in. 

Fabletics Gets You Ready for Each Season

Each season offers moments of wonder; each season offers an activity that is hard to resist. While the very word “activity” discourages some people as they shudder at the thought of putting on uncomfortable, ugly clothing to exercise, others are thrilled at the thought, because their active wear is anything but uncomfortable or hideous. Jumping at the idea are clearly those who have purchased their clothing from Fabletics by Kate Hudson.

The Clothes Maiden discussed some seasonal clothing put out by Fabletics, and discussed how each piece channels the inner exercise enthusiast inside all women, due to the mobility these clothes create. Emphasizing how the killer patterns on these attractive pieces inspire even the most hardened of all women, The Clothes Maiden was not going to let Hudson step out of her well-deserved spotlight for even a second.

When you think about it, feeling inspired is truly important, and it is worrisome to ponder what would happen to the world without inspiration. Really everything that people do stems from their motivation to do it, and that includes trivial tasks such as exercise. The athleticism that Fabletics promotes in no way wishes to diminish who a person really is, and if they hate working out, so be it–Kate Hudson simply wants them to feel good about themselves no matter what. Too often, women especially are hard on themselves when it comes to most matters, specifically their appearance. Being a woman herself, Kate Hudson, understands the strain it puts on ladies, and the constant pressure to be better that they face each day. Her clothing line is for women of all sizes, and they all look equally beautiful in them on

Again, every season offers an activity, whether strenuous or relaxing. Fabletics has a line of bathing suits adorned with striking patterns, and they are perfect for summer fun. Women of all sizes are able to feel glorious and well supported as they strut their stuff on the beach. Leggings and a comfortable athletic dress are suitable for cool fall activities; leggings and sweaters are perfect for the cold air that punctuates each winter day. Flowy tank tops add a little bit more fun and flirtiness to spring, and the patterns put out by Fabletics truly compliment each season. In a world full of inspiration, it is a wonderful feeling to radiate that from your head to your toes.