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Chris Burch, World’s Renowned Billionaire who has affected the Fashion Industry

Sometimes our thought limits us from growing our careers and businesses. With Chris Burch, the guy behind creative capital ventures this is a different case. Born in March 1953 in Miami, Burch has been an entrepreneur and a CEO who is admired by many.



Born in a middle-class family, this did not put him off. Fashion was what moved him. This passion saw him start a partnership business with his brother while he was still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College in 1976. After chipping in some few dollars and ideas, he made the company realize massive profits.



He did not rest on this success, but instead he went further to intensify the market by targeting more clients from other colleges and small businesses. His passion for fashion continued to grow as time went by. He would later launch a new company together with his wife in 2004, which he named it, Tory Burch Fashion Label.



In 2008, he opened J Christopher LLC, which was later called Burch Capital Creative in 2012. Due to his creativity and determination, the same year he managed to emerge as one of the world’s well-renowned billionaires.



Personal life



The 63-year-old Burch is a father of three. He got married to Susan Cole in 1992 through an Episcopalian ceremony. With the help of his spouse, Chris managed to launch a new company in 2004 by the name Tory Burch Fashion label where he was the co-chairman. Alongside fashion, Chris also ventured in real estate business where he partnered with other entrepreneurs in growing the industry.



Other Achievements



Apart from fashion, Burch acted as a producer of a romantic film in 1993, which got high ratings in the New York Times. His passion for diversifying his career beyond fashion made him also launch Voss Water Company.



He partnered with many people which led to the introduction of other businesses. Chris was among the well renowned oldest entrepreneurs who ventured in internet IPO. He was also one of the former Pierre Hotel Co-operative Board Presidents.



Chris used his expertise in the industry to work tirelessly in supporting other firms, which are dominating businesswise in the world.



His mission



Burch Creative Capital aims at dominating the fashion industry in becoming the world’s best-renown fashion designer.






Innovating new ideas and making use of modern technology in bringing out the best quality modernized styles in the world of fashion, which abide by with the global standards.