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Andrew Rolfeā€™s Role in the Development of the Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief is the founder and the CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He was a regular speaker at high-profile events including the World Economic Forum. He raised a lot of money for the organization from donors. Lief soon came to the realization that the non-profit did not have a positive impact on the lives of people. The Ubuntu Education Fund is based in South Africa. It helps children in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape Province. Lief decided to change his strategy with regards to how the non-profit raised funds.

The first step was to decline grants from donors who placed restrictions on the manner that the money would be spent. He shifted his focus on the children and looked for the best ways to support them. The Ubuntu Education Fund works with family foundations and individuals with a high net-worth. They focus on donors who do not set limits and who give them freedom. The non-profit has a smaller budget, but Lief says that they are able to do more. This is because they have narrowed their scope and their focus. The Ubuntu Education Fund developed the Ubuntu model to meet its objectives. They collaborate with the communities and the families of the children to come up with plans for the children.

The plans are created to ensure that the future of the child is stable and that they do not fall into poverty. This is done by giving them access to better health and education. Donors prefer to serve on the boards of the organizations that they fund. This is because they want to have a say in the activities and the operations. The board of directors of the Ubuntu Fund is made up of businessmen and leaders from the UK, the USA, and South Africa. Andrew Rolfe serves as the chairman of the board. Rolfe is involved in guiding the boards towards discussions that help the board to meet its objectives. Rolfe was chosen to the board because of his expertise and his involvement. Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief have been instrumental in the performance of the non-profit.