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Kanye West Dodges Amber Rose At Drake’s Party

Rap star Drake recently celebrated his birthday, and he threw an epic party for the ages. Supposedly, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Amber Rose attended the event. However, Kanye West apparently wasn’t that thrilled with the arrival of his ex-giance Amber Rose. For those of you that don’t know, Kanye West and Amber Rose had a very public falling out, and they have been feuding on Twitter ever since. Kanye has even called Amber Rose the dirtiest woman he ever met.

When Amber Rose arrived at Drake’s party, Kanye West ran out of the house. Several sources have indicated that Kanye West did not want to bump into the glamour model, and I don’t blame him. Nonetheless, Drake’s birthday party continued on, and it was supposedly one of the most epic parties of the year says Eric Pulier. However, I highly doubt that Drake’s birthday bash was better than Kanye’s.

Several hip hop fans hope that Kanye West and Amber Rose can drop the beef in the near future. However, Amber truly hates the Kardashians, and it’s not without reason. Nonetheless, let’s just hope that nothing gets out of hand between the famous celebrities. TMZ recently posted an article about this story, and more information about Drake’s party can be found there.