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Five Reasons You Will Really Love Russian Women

Russian women are some of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth. There is no wonder why so many western men are seeking relationships with them. But there is more to Russian women than just a beautiful face and an amazing body. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at Russian women and why they are so highly sought after by many men.

Top Five Reasons Why Every Single Guy Should Date A Russian Woman

1. They are family oriented- Most Russian women put their families first and that includes their better half. So if you are looking for a woman that will make the family the center of her life, then you should definitely date a Russian woman.
2. They always look amazing- Russian women take pride in how they look. No matter if they are just going to the mail box they always dress to impress! They will always look great even when you do not expect them to be.
3. They are hard working- Russian women are strong and they do not mind a hard day’s work. They will roll up their sleeves and get dirty right next to their partner. You will never have to worry about them not pulling their weight in the relationship.
4. They know how to have a good time- Russian women are far from being stuck up and once their work is done they really like to have a good time. So if you are looking for a hard working partner that loves to have a blast afterwards, a Russian woman is for you.
5. They get straight to the point- When a Russian woman is upset at you, 9 times out of 10 they will never beat around the bush about it. They will tell you directly how they feel and what they think you did wrong. This is a wonderful trait to possess because it will help resolve issues quickly.

Where You Should Go To Meet The Woman of Your Dreams

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Bruce Levenson steps out of sports as philanthropy takes center stage

UCG co-founder Bruce Levenson has recently seen the Atlanta Spirit consortium he is the public face of depart from the NBA with the sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise. Levenson has been a popular figure in Atlanta after he was part of the consortium who purchased the Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchises in 2004 after Time Warner decided to sell the franchises that were inherited as part of the deal to buy Turner Broadcasting. Levenson quickly became the public face of the owners after his decision to join the NBA board of governors and the many community based projects he established in the Atlanta and Washington DC areas.

For Bruce Levenson the need to give back to the community he is part of has always been present. The Maryland native has kept the headquarters of his successful UCG business in Washington DC as a way of making sure employment and growth remains in the capital of the US. After purchasing the Hawks and Thrashers franchises, Levenson was instrumental in making sure the Hawks took a leading role in the local community in Georgia and beyond. Levenson and the hawks were leading figures in the Make a Wish Foundation in Maryland and around the Atlanta area. This has ensured the Hawks and Levenson remained popular in both communities, even after the impending sale of the Hawks was announced in 2014.

Eventually, the Hawks franchise was sold for a large profit after a reported $850 million deal was announced for the franchise and rights to use the arena in Atlanta. In recent years Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen have spent a large amount of time and money providing assistance for community groups and charitable organizations around the Maryland and Washington DC areas. These high quality philanthropic donations will continue over the course of the coming years as the Levenson family will seek out the best chances for helping local communities and humans around the world. The major investment made by the Levenson’s has been in the College of Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This school has been designed to bring out the best in the next generation of leaders across the US, recent developments have seen the students at the school develop global initiatives in developing areas of the World. These initiatives would seem to be assured after the Levenson family have made a commitment to keep the school in place for the coming years through donations and by participating in fund raising activities.

“Living Goddess” forced out of seclusion

In April of 2015 Skout app was released, also a massive earthquake struck Nepal, devastating the country. Many of Nepal’s inhabitants were forced to relocate and reduced to drastic life saving measures. This devastation even affected Nepal’s very own “Living Goddess”. More on this story can be found at Yahoo’s news site.
Dhana Kumari Bajracharya known as Kumaris, whom was enthroned at the age of two, was forced to leave the seclusion of her home. Not only has the goddess not been seen in public for three decades, but she has never been seen on foot. Any time the goddess makes a public appearance, she is carried on an ornate wooden palanquin.
The former Kumari speculates that this tragedy may be a result of angered gods, saying “”Perhaps the gods are angry because people don’t respect traditions as much anymore.”
Although Bajracharya is not the current Kumari for Nepal, she continues to live her life in seclusion, unable to abandon the ways she has grown accustomed to.

Learn About Wine with the Antique Wine Company

Wines are some of the world’s most delicious drinks. People around the world often take the time to enjoy a glass of sparkling champagne, a delightful glass of fruity Merlot, a small sniffer of full bodied port or a cup of elegant claret. Those who wish to expand their understanding of the various kinds of wines available for purchase will have a many resources to help them on this quest. Working with a skilled company that is run by experts who know a great deal of wine can help people in many ways. A novice can acquire a basic understanding of the types of wine they might like. Someone who has more understanding of wine world can further expand their knowledge of the field. This can help them select just the right wine to bring out the subtle taste of a rack of lamb with herbs or consider which vintages are best paired with strawberry tart for that special meal.

One such resource that many people have turned to in order to get a far better understanding of the international field of wine is the Antique Wine Company. Founded by wine lover Stephen Williams more than three decades ago, the Antique Wine Company has assisted hundreds of customers in many important ways. Currently headquartered in London, the company provides services to wine lovers around the world. People from dozens of countries have turned to Williams and his skilled staffers to help them find rare wines, discover more about how wine is made as well as how it is stored and begin a wine collection of their own. Williams has shown his customers how they can use wine at many meals to create a fuller experience that helps bring out the flavors of many different kinds of foods.

Thanks to his expertise, the Antique Wine Company has expanded into many areas of wine related business. Company officials offer private master classes to those who already know about many areas of wine collecting but want to take their base of knowledge even further. The company can help both private individuals and other businesses assist in gaining further insights into important areas of wine such as how to pair it with all kinds of foods as well as how to create a wine menu that will help showcase both the dishes being served and the unique and wonderful characteristics of each wine vintage.