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Slyce Exceeds Expectations For 2015

Slyce ended its 4th quarter and year end on October 31, 2015. Earnings were spectacular for the company, which specializes in visual artificial intelligence. During the last quarter, they signed contracts with some well-known companies. This was reported by Yahoo! Finance on the first of March. Revenue nearly doubled from 2014 to 2015, from $90 thousand to almost $1.7 million. Slyce is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Two huge shoe companies signed contracts for adaptions of visual search sales,; which includes and; and Shoe Carnival. All the companies are using visual recognition on a mobile basis. Basically, if you see a pair of shoes you like, take a picture, and submit it to the store. By the end of the block, a person can be re-shoed, or at least, have an order out for new shoes.

At the beginning of the quarter, Nieman Marcus signed a contract to have all its product lines fitted with Slyce technology. It is called snap, find, and shop. If a duplicate can’t be provided, several close options are provided. Urban Outfitters signed a contract in October to use Slyce’s visual search technology for e-commerce.

The Universal Scanner was released in 2015. It can be used with printed media, barcodes, and coupons. Also, it will organize the coupon collection. The Scanner is for the more professionally inclined shoppers. In November, Slyce Link was launched. It visually recommends products, and the platform used is for retail markets. Basically, the search feature is hooked up with the company’s catalog. Slyce has also tweaked their 3D recognition abilities. Another feature they have added is Slyce Insights, an analytic program for retailers.