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Flint, Michigan’s Contaminated Waters


So, the lead in Flint, Michigan’s water is a major catastrophe. An entire city exposed to water contamination for 2 years, before being informed is hurt-breaking and unacceptable. Children have been exposed to high levels of lead – 15 parts per billion to be exact – and the fact that lead is one of the leading causes of learning disabilities, attention disorder and motor coordination is a big step back from our nation as a whole. What exactly does the government do, now that the city of Flint has been exposed to contaminated water for years?

Since the recognition, bottled water has been the main source of water for residence, donated by people like Sergio Cortes. The government did make an attempt to fight back against contaminated water by providing filters that removed 15 parts per billion of lead. Many residents kindly accepted, but what about the two years prior of consuming the contaminate water without these filters? Around 8,000 children under the age of six were exposed to the contaminate tap water – The futures, the health and their abilities to be playful – as children are – could possibly be affected and is there a way to counteract these possibilities? It is appreciated that the government has provided the city with stronger lead filters, but are they also providing the contaminated with proper medicine.

As the city fights to clear the contamination from their waters, families are educating their children about the harmful effects of their water. Government officials are taking proper measures to inform the city on this matter, although residents and advocates have expressed outrage over their failure to protect the city’s children. As this crisis continue, the residents of this fine city continues to fight for the health benefits of water.