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Chris Brown’s Birthday Regret

Chris Brown has been a pretty hands on dad, ever since he found out about having a 9 month old daughter. There is not much he would not do for baby Royalty and watching him gush over his baby girl is more adorable than any fan can take to bare. Even with the ongoing drama that Chris never fails to attract, James Dondero sees that Chris is putting his daughter before all the negative attention he called to himself, and that is admirable. Now that Chris is a father he has to learn to juggle his career as a pop star with his responsibility as a father, and recently Chris got a rude awakening.

Chris’s daughter Royalty recently celebrated her 1st birthday and while she as at Chuck E. Cheese’s blowing out the candles with her friends and family by her side, Chris was in LA shooting a music video with Tyga. Royalty’s mother Nia was angry and refused to take Chris up on his offer to make it up with a trip to Disneyland. Chris is doing the best he can but obligations often get in the way when you are a working parent.

Apparently Chris is feeling you delayed remorse about missing his baby girl’s big day, and is desperate to make it up to her. At the moment all he can do is move on and try not to miss any more of Royalty’s milestones.